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Dec 23, 2008 07:39 PM

New Year's Eve?

Anyone have reservations for NYE? If you have a recommendation for something in the BoCoCa/Park Slope/Brooklyn Heights area, post 'em!

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  1. good question. or any brooklyn at all? wburg/greenpoint/ft greene?

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      We had a lovely dinner at Aurora Brooklyn last New Years Eve. We were a party of 8 and it was really nice. If you do go- get the early seating so you know you will have full choice of the prix fix menu. I got an email with this years menu and it looks grand. Unfort. we have other plans, otherwise I would definitely do Aurora again.

    2. Not going as we have a newborn, but the NYE event at Char No 4 sounds great. Really excellent sounding meal + Nor'easter bourbon cocktails = win. Anyway, I think thats what we'd be doing if we didnt have a little one to tend to. Instead we'll be opening a 98 Pol Roger and watching tv I expect ;)

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      1. does applewood still have reservations? They're doing two different menus/ seatings - early for $75 and late (including midnight toast) for $150