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Dec 23, 2008 05:43 PM

PF Changs Westfarms

My girlfriend and I were out Christmas shopping tonight and wanted to take a break so we stopped here for a beer just to check it out and get the vibe of the place. We stood at the bar for a little bit and then sat at the bar when some stools opened up. It was not that crowded (neither was the mall). The bar was on one side of the space and the dining room at the other. The bathroom was in the dining room and somewhat hard to get to.

Here's the weird thing though that I've never seen before. While we were sitthing there I saw one of the bartenders pour some wine back into a bottle from a glass and then replace the bottle back on the shelf. I did not see where the glass came from i.e back from a table so it may have been a mispour or a cancellation.

I'm not sure what to make of this other that it will cause us not return there to eat.

I'd be interested to see what others think........

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  1. re: pouring wine back into the bottle

    As far as I know, after working in restaurants for over a decade, that is illegal. Even if it was a mispour or a flat-out mistake. There is no way of knwoing if that was the same glass of red or white wine that came out of that bottle. I would let the management know.

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    1. Oh man, that is just gross! Backwash anyone?

      Oh yeah, that is illegal. Thank you for the warning -- shudder.