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Dec 23, 2008 05:38 PM

great bakery near the Beltway in MD? (Silver Spring, Bethesda area)

I'm looking for a great bakery not far from the Beltway, as I'll be driving down 95 from Baltimore, across the Beltway for a short stretch, and then up 270 to Gaithersburg. Any suggestions? I've already tried Cake Love in downtown Silver Spring, and though it was good, I wasn't blown away. Anything good going up 270 to Gaithersburg?

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  1. Spring Mill Bread on Elm St. in Bethesda. I think they have one in Gaithersburg too- quality bread (& chocolate chip oatmeal cookies)- but no extensive pastry menu like Cake Love.

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      They've got a very good berry cake/loaf too (I like their gingerbread cookies too, but not their gingerbread loaf). A couple of doors up the street is a place called something like "fancy cakes by leslie"-- they have cupcakes and other, yes, "fancy cakes."

    2. Woodmoor Bakery at Four Corners in Silver Spring. Less than 5 minutes ff the Beltway at Rt 29 North in the Woodmoor strip center at University Blvd. Can't be beat by any of the pretentious bakeries.

      1. I highly recommend Breads Unlimited in Bethesda. It's the best traditional bakery that I'm aware of in DC or suburban MD. I especially like their danish, babka, bagels, and various rye breads. It's infinitely better than Cake Love.

        Breads Unlimited
        6914 Arlington Rd, Bethesda, MD