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Dec 23, 2008 05:00 PM

Nantucket off-season?

My partner and I are considering traveling to Nantucket in late March of next year. So far, all the restaurants I have found online seem to be closed this time of year. Does anyone know of any restaurants that are open? Anyone have any hints or interesting information? I know March isn't the best time to go, but it's the only time we have in the foreseeable future. Thanks so much!

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  1. fifty-six union and seagrille are decent restaurants that are open for dinner all year round. (most other places open in april and may.) i have never eaten at seagrille in the off season, but fifty-six union is good.

    if you're looking for something more casual for dinner, the cafe attached to the movie theatre is open year round.

    there are actually quite a lot of other places that are open for breakfast or lunch in the off season, as well, including even keel cafe, centre st. cafe, and various and sundry coffee shops.

    i'm sure you know this already, but bundle up! =) if you don't mind the wind and cold, the off season is actually a very pleasant time to visit.

    1. Pi Pizzeria is exellent and about 1 mile from town, near Stop & Shop. Great authentic pizza and Italian food. No overcooked pasta/sauce/cheese slop here. Familes eat here but it's a restaurant not just another pizza parlor. Hip, reasonable, and closed on Tuesday. I'd say they have 12-15 tables and a nice bar.

      1. definitely lola for great sushi and burgers, sfoglia for italian, quequegs for great seafood. recommend checking out the whaling museum

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          Sfoglia is good, but whether they are opn in the winter is hit or miss. They were supposed to re-open this past weekend, but I'm not sure it happened. Fifty-Six Union is good, Pi Pizza, Centre Street Bistro, Queequeg's are all very good, and about the only shows in town. Lola is ok. For breakfast, The Downyflake is great, but I think they close for March. And next March could be even more bleak out here if there's no economic turnaround.

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            My husband and I were in Nantucket the week of Presidential Weekend. A lot of restaurants were open. Here are the ones we visited and my review:

            Pi Pizzeria: We ordered the Great Italian pizza. Wine is very expensive here so be careful. My husband liked the pizza. I liked the toppings/sauce but thought the crust was really tasteless.

            56 Union: great Portuguese bread (next time, we're on Nantucket during the regular season, will definitely try it out from the local bakeries), but unfortunately the rest of the meal was just okay.

            Seagrille: Just okay. Not a great one for atmosphere, felt like a chain.

            Centre Street Bistro: just okay. Dessert was this awful mess of overloading ingredients. Cute place though and you definitely want to make reservations because there is very limited seating.

            Queequeg's: my favorite of the restaurants we visited. I had some very tasty short ribs. Recommend it. We lucked out as they had a $25 for appetizer and entree combo that night.

            Sfoglia: Just okay. Expected my spaghetti carbonara to have peas or something green in it and maybe a slightly thicker sauce. They screwed up our coffees and gave us not the decaf that we had requested, but regular - oh boy, I was up til 4:30am as a result.

            Lola: I had a mac and cheese dish, it was fine. My husband had some rather mediocre sushi and they chintzed out on the portion for his soup. Nantucket during the off season generally has an older cliental, but this place was definitely attracting a younger hipper crowd.

            I must say that the service at all of the above restaurants was great.