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Dec 23, 2008 04:40 PM

Craft Burger opening at Yonge & Bloor..

Just past the Pizza Pizza North of Bloor on the west side of yonge there is a sign in a window saying Craft Burger Opeing Soon... Great addition to the hood as Cumberland terrace will be closing soon to make way for condos and Roy Square restaurants were demolished for the now not happening condos.. very limited lunch options in the area..

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  1. I didn't know Cumberland Terrace is closing. The mall is kind of a no-man's land so not too surprised. But what's going to happen to Esther's Soup Kitchen? I'm not in that area during lunch often, but that' s one of my favourite spots when I am. Does anyone know if they're still open?

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      they are still open but nobody is getting long term leases and you are starting to see holes in the floor where they are doing stucture tests... there was a little coffee shop beside the entrance to the subway that is now a discount clothing store..

      1. re: OnDaGo

        Cumberland Terrace is closing? Isn't that where Dynasty is? Oh dear!!!
        We'll be there tomorrow, I must inquire further.

        1. re: millygirl

          That's the Colonnade building so no worries about the loss of Dynasty.

          1. re: Zengarden

            Colour me bitter, but I am REALLY sick and tired of losing inexpensive, good places to eat in the downtown core to make way for condo developments. Now I see that Cumberland Terrace may be the next to go by way of the dinosaur. I also love Esther's Soup Kitchen, I made my way there in the summer after reading reviews on this very board.

            As for Craft, I saw the notice, too, last week on my way home from the office. It seems to get mixed reviews, but I'll try it, because as OnDaGo posted, we have limited options in the area.

            URGH. More condos. They can't sell what's already out there!

            1. re: czthemmnt

              BUT in all of cumberland terrace Esthers is the only place worth going too.. the rest are REALLY bad

    2. Having seen very mixed reviews for Craftburger, my SO and I decided to try it Friday night after deciding not to wait around at Volo to see if a table would open up. A bit of a difference, but...we were hungry. Well, I was mostly impressed. I had the Spicy Burger, very nice caramelized onions and a spicy chiptle mayo. I really enjoyed it. SO had the Craft Burger, I think, with garlic and mushrooms and said it was fantastic. Flavourful patties, good homemade-tasting buns. Our onion rings, on the other hand, were extremely bland and greasy. Really disappointing, as I'm an onion ring freak. Saw others having the fries, they looked better. Overall, I'd go back for the burger and maybe skip the side.
      Decor is fine, but it's really small. The individual tables are kind of odd, very small and cramped. Go for the communal table with springy chairs. Hope it sticks around, as it fills a niche in the neighbourhood.
      Oh - and the smell that gets pumped out of the Jack Astor's ventilation pipe nearby is nauseating...what a nose-sore!