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Dec 23, 2008 03:21 PM

No Frills At Centrepoint Mall

I went to No Frills at Centrepoint Mall -Yonge and Steeles today and was blown away by the the selection of products. The produce department was especially overwhelming -such variety ,and everything seemed fresh and was beautifully presented. The store was crowded with pre-Christmas shoppers, however there were about twenty check-out counters so there were no long line-ups. Prices are also quite reasonable according to my wife. Bottom line: a very pleasant shopping experience.

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  1. Oh cool, a No Frills at Centrepoint? Is it new? The last time I was there was in September.....

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    1. re: jennjen18

      The No Frills used to be a Loblaw's store. I don't know when the change took place, but it must have been recently.

      1. re: Doctormhl1

        The departed Loblaws at Centrepoint - one of the more depressing stores around - has been closed for at least a year while the changeover took place. No frills opened in the past month or so.

        1. re: Pizza Lover

          Is it one of the ones with a seafood and a butcher counter??


          1. re: Davwud

            Yes, there is a seafood and butcher counter. The fish and seafood counter even has live fish, lobsters,and can't get any fresher than that. The staff is very helpful and accomodating.

    2. Amazing! The No Frills in my neighbourhood - Wilson and Bathurst - is the lamest store around. Produce guaranteed to be lousy and rotten, horrifice line ups with surly service, always leave needing to shop elsewhere because they don't have at least 1 needed item.

      so so dreary

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        1. re: szmeterling

          Take a trip up to Centrepoint and compare the two No Frills locations. The difference is like night and day. I'm sure you will be very favourably impressed. I agree that the Wilson-Bathurst Store is a dump and should be avoided if possible.

        2. On a somewhat related topic, the Loblaws a few miles north of Centrepoint, at Yonge and 16th, also converted to a No Frills a few months back. I ventured in for a look a few weeks after it opened, and reported here, in another thread, that it had an excellent - large, fresh, and well presented - produce section, a big selection of meat and seafood, including a butcher and fresh fish tank, and a much larger selection of products than the average No Frills. Some posters scoffed, and suggested that that was temporary, and the quality and selection would rapidly drop off.

          I went back on Monday night, and am pleased to report that it is just the same. The store was very busy, all the sections seemed well stocked, and the prices were low (a litre of milk for $0.99? 20 oz of mixed sweet peppers for $2.99? All right!).

          My only complaint is the shoppers themselves. They seem completely devoid of any sense of where to leave their carts, or even how to look for products. They continually left carts diagonally across the aisle, blocking it to all concerned, or when someone had (properly) pushed their cart directly ahead of them to look at products on the aisle, someone else would push their own cart beside the first, and then walk BACK 10-15 feet to look for another product, meanwhile blocking the aisle to all again. The first few times it was mildly annoying, but after the ninth or tenth time (and I was only there for 6 or 7 items), I was getting quite upset. To paraphrase Mr. Hand, "Are they all on dope?!".

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          1. re: KevinB

            What are you people? On dope?!!

            That's one of my biggest pet peeves in a grocery store so totally with you there Kevin. It's even better if they give you attitude when you move their cart.

            Great to hear that the newer No Frills locations are pulling it together. I sure wish they'd fix the Sherburne store, it's the closest major grocery store to me and I dread going to it. Store is always a wreck and partrons are irritating. On not one, or two but on three different occasions I've been in line up behind someone trying to barter with a cashire for a better price on a product. Not challenging a lie!

            1. re: KevinB

              With the presence of formidable supermarkets in the area such as Galleria, T&T, Walmart, the new Planet Organics (upscale organic in the Pusateri's vein) and old standbys Costco, Sam's, Longo's, Loblaw, Superstore, Highland Farms, Concord, the kosher Sobey's, Bruno's, and a multitude of Chinese supermarkets, any new grocers in this Thornhill/Richmond Hill/Markham area know that they must step up their game to compete, and a dedicated and quality seafood and meat section are essential. In addition to the two new No Frill's mentioned above (there is little distinguishing them in the food realm from Loblaw's now), even the Price Choppers at Major Mac and Leslie is a far sight better than its fellow PCs.

              I also find the Korean H Mart (Yonge & Major Mac) to be very impressive, with its large, expansive space, a dedicated mini-food court, large selection of Asian items with a fair selection of Western, bakery, prepared foods, very good produce selection, a meat section with every cut of the standard meats you can think of, all readily sliced and packaged, fresh fish counter with all manners of fresh, frozen, and dried seafood that you normally don't see. Only thing is the prices are a little higher, but I much prefer shopping here to say the crowded Galleria, as on top of everything else, it is immaculately clean. As well, you have the fantastic Grande Cheese outlet right next door and Western Produce just down the road, so you pretty much have it all covered.