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Dec 23, 2008 02:52 PM

locally raised ham for xmas

I know...I's last minute. We try to eat only local meat, humanly raised. We're looking to buy a ham, and I know Lionette's is sold out. I need some houndly-help as to where I may purchase a ham, or even a turkey last minute. Any help would be great! Happy holidays!

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  1. me too! i'll post if i find one . . .

    1. Whole Foods in Brighton has Misty Knoll turkeys, from central Vermont (near Middlebury) -- my favorite turkey, hands down, by far. Not too, too far away, so maybe still technically "local"? $3.99/lb, IIRC.

      1. You might contact Blood Farm in Groton - they have their own hams.
        Blood Farm
        94 W Main
        West Groton, MA 01472
        (978) 448-6669‎

        I also used to get wonderful pork products from Wilson Farm in Lexington - they came from Harrington's of Vermont. I only recall smoked pork loin and ham steaks, but soooo tender. You might call Wilson's and Russo's to see what they have.

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          Don't know if it matters to you, but the hams from Harrington's contain nitrates.

        2. might be too last minute, but you could contact Stillman's at the Turkey Farm (google will give you the info) I know that they were pushing holiday hams in their email newsletter. Call them and talk to someone in person (they've been not great about checking messages).

          1. On the same road as Verrill Farm in Concord is Backyard Birds. They are now selling their own pork and you can find out the price etc. at
            I got an email from them last week saying they have 1/2 hams. They grow them and have them smoked in CT.