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Dec 23, 2008 02:42 PM

Encore - Las Vegas

Has anyone seen a good summary of the new restaurants at the Encore? We're heading to Vegas this weekend and wanted to check them out. Can't seem to manage their website to get the info I'm looking for.

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  1. I had lunch at Wazuzu today. Asian "bistro", with small and large plates (Thai, sushi, some creative rolls, etc.). I don't make it a habit of eating at a place on its first full day of operations, but other than a few "front of the house" glitches, it was very good. Walked through a few places that are only open for dinner (Botero, the steak place - just what this town needs, another steak restaurant, but beautiful decor; typical menu with bone-in ribeye and bone-in Strip each priced at $55; sides at $11; also Sinatra, the - you guessed it - traditional Italian restaurant; and Switch, where the walls and decor rotate every 15 minutes - kind of odd). The place itself is magnificent.

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      Is Wazuzu the restaurant where Jet Tila is the chef? We have a friend in common (and I've met Jet a few times as well as taken a class from him) and my friend had told me that Jet was going to be relocating from L.A. in order to open a restaurant in the Encore. We won't be in Vegas until mid-January and I can't wait to check out the Encore.

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      1. I have a rez at Switch on Saturday @9:30pm, dress code seems very laid back...jeans ok, just no flip flops, tank top, bathing suits etc...from what I was told, side about $10, entrees from $28 (vegetable kabob) to $61 (24 oz porterhouse)...

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          $28 for a veggie kabob? Does that include a wad of northern california sensimilla?

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            Encore is nice - we felt happier there than we've felt at other Vegas hotels (we were pretty solidly Bellagio people until the Wynn opened, and now we can see that Encore sort of suits us better still). Gina and I ate at Sinatra (listed in the Encore materials as one of their two "better" restaurants) on Christmas Eve. Nice room, nice cocktails, nice warm breads (a prosciutto roll, a fennel roll, and an asiago roll - all with great texture and flavor) great service. Lotsa old folks - we're in our forties, and I believe we might have been the youngest people in the room for most of the night.

            We skipped the appetizers and had spaghetti (more like linguini, actually) with mushrooms (me) and fettucine carbonara (Gina). These were wonderfully done. Gina had a large plate of lobster risotto for her main and I had a New York Strip (requested medium, but really more toward rare - I'm used to having steaks undercooked in the West but expect them to hit it right in Vegas). Gina was happy with her lobster and risotto. I wish I'd had the chicken (my first impulse on seeing the menu) - the steak was fine, but was nothing special, nothing I couldn't have done better myself at home. The mushrooms on the plate with it were wonderful, though.

            Grabbed a panettone bread pudding with marscapone gelato for dessert along with a French-press coffee. I think we got out of there for about $150, including the tip. Nothing was astonishingly creative but they knew what they were doing with mushrooms and pastas. I'm pretty sure we'll eat at Sinatra again (nice room, nice service, nice food), but I think I'll stick to the Italian dishes and avoid the steak.

          2. We went there yesterday to just explore it. We read the menus at all the places and all looked wonderful. Looking forward to trying them all. Encore is spectacular!!