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Dec 23, 2008 02:34 PM

One Pound burgers in DFW

Does anyone know where to get a 1 pound or up burger in DFW? We used to go to Bennigans for the big irish till they closed and the one left changed it to the big american and its smaller. I can't seem to find any place with really big burgers. Please help!

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  1. Try Humperdink's...various locations.

    1. try Fuddruckers...

      or for a more gourmet burger, try the Second Floor Bistro in the of the best burgers i'v ever had.

      1. Burger Island offers a 1 lb burger but I have never even finished the half pound personally.

        1. I would try a Wingfields double meat....that should be a pound or this 1 lb before or after cooking???

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            Wingfield's for sure. The single is close to a pound (in any case it is huge); the double has to be at least a pound. Bonus: They put the grease from their bacon into the fryolator, so their fries have a slight bacony taste. Amazing. Only problem -- it's purely take out. I eat on the hood of my car. I once saw a guy (a very large guy) order a triple-meat, triple-cheese burger with bacon. I simply cannot imagine eating that. It would have to cost you a month of life expectancy, maybe more. But the big guy looked real happy.