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Dec 23, 2008 02:10 PM

NYE dinner with the parents

My parents will be in town for New Years Eve, and we're looking for a great, special dinner experience. Here are some of the qualities we are looking for:

(1) Not over-the-top dressy. My dad's not bringing coat/tie with him for the trip.

(2) Quiet, intimate, and classy. My dad is hard of hearing, so it's important that we can get a quiet table. (I also really hate music that intrudes on a dining experience.) So, clearly, we are not interested in the hippest spot, but to go somewhere that still feels really "special" would be lovely.

(3) In terms of food, the menu can be anything from "rather adventurous" to "more traditional steakhouse" type food. The only types I would like to avoid are Asian and Southwestern. It would be fine if the food was New American crossed with Asian or Southwestern flavors, but strictly Asian or Southwestern probably wouldn't work.

The only Austin restaurant we've taken them to before is Mirabelle, which they like, but isn't of the caliber that we're looking for on such a night.

Thanks for any help you can offer!

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  1. Zoot would be a good match. Check their website for menu.

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      I was also going to suggest Zoot. It is in an old restored house, with several small dining rooms that are quiet, and the service is civilized and friendly. They know their way around wine. My only quibble with them is that the portions are precious for the price, but it doesn't sound like that will be a major concern for your party or occasion.

    2. I'll second Zoot, it doesn't get much love on this board, but the food is great, service is spot on, and it is quiet and respectable.

      Another different option is Eddie V's.

      1. You might consider Jezebel. Classy, casual and intimate, with great service and food. Their NYE menu is posted online.