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Dec 23, 2008 01:19 PM

good chinese takeout near Croton?

I'm visiting my GF's family in Croton and we are going to eat chinese food tomorrow on Christmas Eve. Does anybody know any good restaurants in the area?

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  1. there is a dearth of good chinese in the area. We think dong's happy garden in the shoprite shopping center near the train station is best in town but still mediocre. Favorite dishes include cold noodles in sesame sauce, beef chow fun, moo shu pork, beef and broccoli and mongolian beef. Stay away from sesame chicken, tso chicken (anything breaded and fried). Chinatown (or even upper west side) its not..

    If you want to go out in town, the best bets are ocean house, umami, capricios II (itailian with good home cooked food) and justin thyme. if you want something a little more chowish, head over to doca's in ossining (10 minutes) for some good portugese food.

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      Unfortunately, I agree with your assessment of Chinese take out in the area-Happy Garden is the best of the worst...actually, I really like their moo shu, because they send good paper thin pancakes with it.
      FYI, Doca's is BYOB for now--for some reason, they have temproarily lost their liquor license.

    2. Another good option is China Star in Ossining, across from the Arcadian Mall. It is are go to for delivery .

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      1. re: ltlevy

        I haven't tried China Star--what do you recommend there? Thanks

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          We've been pretty happy with most items there. Believe it or not, I do really love the shrimp egg rolls there. The shrimp are good sized and firm and the veggies are very crispy.

          When we first started to order from them, their Young Chow White Fried Rice was very good. But the last time we had it it was very mushy. Our thoughts were that they didn't use overnight rice for the dish.

          I also like their House Special Wonton Soup. Lots of meats and veggies in it. It is only available as a large.

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            Thank you, I'll have to try it!

      2. Thanks everybody, we got Chinese tonight from New Happy Garden tonight. Although not incredible it was much better than New China Restaurant where we ate a few nights ago. Thanks again.

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        1. re: porky pine

          We've tried the Happy Garden, with some success. Also like the Chinese place in Ossining across from the high school (can't remember the name right now). Probably need to have a "taste off" - order a couple of the same items from both for delivery and see how they stand up. Sounds like a plan for New Years' Day dinner...

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            I think you're thinking off China Ossining. We had high hopes for it when it reopened, but it is not as good as its predecessor of the same name. We've been getting our fix from China Star across from Arcadian.

            1. re: ltlevy

              Thanks much - will give China Star a try... hope it holds up on the longer trip home!

              1. re: Nancy C

                China Star didn't shine for us I'm afraid... got chicken with green beans, two egg rolls and cold noodles in sesame sauce. All dissappointing, particularly the noodles. We're going to try one more time, but will try a taste off with China Ossining - going to buy mu shu veggies, one of our most common orders, at both places and see how they do.

                1. re: Nancy C

                  Sorry China Star didn't come through for you. I've never had their cold noodles in sesame sauce, so I can't comment on it. Oddly enough, I do find their regular egg rolls inferior to their shrimp egg rolls. I forgot I had the chicken with green beans until you mentioned it and I was also disappointed, which surprised me. The dish wasn't prepared badly, it wasn't oily or greasy, but it just didn't do it for me. I think the leftovers sat in the fridge until they were dispatched to leftover heaven.

                  My DW has found the Udon noodle soup with beef to her liking.