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Dec 23, 2008 01:06 PM

Best breakfast or brunch in the OC

My sister's birthday is the day after Christmas and she wants to do a breakfast or brunch type thing this Friday. We're not from the OC, so we're not sure where to go. This is where you guys come in. :)

Ideally, she's looking to eat a seafood omelette at a place with an ocean view. Any suggestions for this (very specific request) or more general ideas for best weekday brunch of breakfast place in OC with a view?

Thanks so much!!

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  1. You can't beat the view at the dining room of the Ritz Carlton in Dana Point. The breakfast is pretty good too, but not as good as the view. The breakfast menu shows that they have a smoked salmon omelet, but I'm guessing that's not what sis is looking for. Their website says they do a Friday Seafood buffet, so maybe that might help with that.

    Taco Rosa in inland Newport Beach does a great sunday brunch, but I don't think they do any weekday breakfast. No view here.
    The Beachcomber is literally on the sand in Crystal cove, but no seafood omelet that I'm aware of.
    Las Brisas in Laguna Beach has a nice view, but the food blows.

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      My sister really wants to be in Baltimore eating some kind of crab cake with yolks, but hey, smoked salmon omelet by the OC ocean sounds like a pretty decent substitute. Thanks for the info about Las Brisas - the food did look kind of craptastic. Great reply - thanks!

    2. Best breakfast from a food perspective in the OC (my opinion) is Break of Dawn in Laguna Hills. No view however. Food is absolutely fantastic.

      Some candidates for best view with breakfast:

      Montage Resort
      Surf and Sand Hotel in Laguna Beach
      Ritz Carlton

      None of the above are inexpensive. You can expect to pay at least $30++ per person for food plus non alcoholic beverages for breakfast, EASILY more. Additionally, since these are high dollar and generally high service restaurants, if your sister wants a specific type of omelette and the ingredients are available, I'm sure they will be able to accomodate. Remember, it could be a $40 omellete though - not for sure, but it won't be cheap. At this point you are paying for the view and real estate, NOT the food.

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        Break of Dawn sounds good - I'll check it out in the future. Normally, when I go out to eat my primary concern is food, but this time there are birthday constraints. So, I'm looking for best food with an ocean view. Of course, it's always a bonus if it's not super expensive. So far, the Ritz Carlton sounds like the best bet. Thanks!

        1. re: sprockets

          If I were to pick, I would probably say that your sister will enjoy the experience at the Montage the best. It is a much nicer property, IMO, than the Ritz Carlton.

      2. If you would like an excellent casual Mexican restaurant with a wonderful ocean view, great margaritas, omelets, outdoor balcony (if it's warm enough) look no further than the Coyote Grill in South Laguna. They have a wonderful brunch/lunch menu, and although I don't know if they have a seafood omelette on the menu, this is the sort of place that I bet will put one together for you (they always have shrimp and crab on their lunch menu, so they have the fillings).

        This place is outstanding, and with a good ocean view, but keep in mind it is super casual, and certainly not the Ritz Carlton or Montage, but you will have good food and fun, and it will cost 1/4 of what the fancier places will cost!

        Check out their website:

        1. there is mutt lynch's in newport right on the water by the dory fleet open for breakfast

          1. In North OC, Anaheim Hills, go to the Anaheim Hills Golf Course on Knohl Ranch Road.
            The Sunday spread is equal to or better than most and it's less than $30!