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Dec 23, 2008 12:43 PM

Perry St. for dinner on Christmas Day. Good choice? Any other suggestions?

It's a bit last-minute, but a few friends and I have just made dinner reservations at Perry St. for dinner on Christmas Day. It seemed very easy to make them, so it raises a few eyebrows.

A few other places we were interested in (including Allen & Delancey, Lupa) were either booked up or not open on Christmas. My question is: Is this a decent choice to spend some $ for an elegant Christmas dinner? I've never been to Perry St. before, and hope my guests aren't disappointed. I still have twenty-fours to change my reservation if anyone has other last-minute suggestions!

Many thanks, in advance!

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  1. I have only had lunch at Perry St., and though I have never had to reserve much in advance, it has always turned out to be quite busy. The food is great. Since so many upper-tier restaurants (and lower-tier too) are closed on Christmas, if budget is not a major consideration I think you are making a good choice.

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      Ah--phew. That's reassuring! I figured the food would be all right, but I wasn't sure if I was 'missing' something about dinner there.... Thank you so much!