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Dec 23, 2008 12:41 PM

[Somerset] At the Chapel, Bruton

Very disappointed that Bruton house closed... but delighted that At the Chapel ( has opened... it's a local restaurant with a wood fired oven at it's heart producing great bread and fantastic pastries.

Awesome winestore run by the guy who was once in charge of Soho House's booze. Very good selection of organic and biodynamic wine.

It is owned by Catherine Butler and Ahmed Sidki - Catherine used to own Cafe Med.

The head chef, Nick Brodie, has moved across from Bath Spa where he had 2 Michelin stars.

It has the visual style of St John... and is a godsend for sleepy old Bruton.

I'd love to know if anyone has been here or knows anything about it... I've done a preview having not yet eaten there yet

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  1. How long ago did "Bath Spa" (I assume the hotel and not the station) have one Michelin star let alone two?

    The only Michelin starred hotel in Bath in the last few years is "Bath Priory" which held one under Chris Horridge. Although he is about to depart to "Waldos" at Clivden, replaced by 2 star chef Michael Caines who is taking over as Exec Chef and putting one of his protégés in the kitchen.

    Nick Brodie was most recently at "Fishworks", and then at The "Wheatsheaf" in Coombe Hay (now a one star rising, but under the chef Lee Evans). It looks like the PR machine has used a little poetic license. However, lets hope Brodie is good as we need more good restaurants in Somerset.

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      Hi PhilD. Looks like I've been duped by a bit of spin. That said I am still excited about what could be a really interesting set up. I don't think it's the sort of place that should bother too much with Michelin pretentions. I should have checked my facts more first.

      The only "facts" I had to work with came from this article by Fiona Sims for Caterer & Hotelkeeper... in it she writes,

      "Head chef is Nick Brodie, formerly of the two-Michelin-starred Bath Spa and more recently Fishworks, also in Bath."

      Which is more or less what I then wrote.

    2. I don't know if Nick Brodie is there still, but I do know that a really excellent chef Steve Wesley, is cooking there. Hoping to visit soon for one of Steve's fabulous Sunday roasts!