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Ham Salad Recipe

I am anticipating a bunch of leftover ham from Christmas. I'm looking for a good ham salad recipe. The stuff I ate as a kid was not chunky but almost a ground ham. Anybody have any ideas for something like that?

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  1. for ham and beef salad, my mother always used the grinder attachment on her kitchenaid.
    then added finely chopped celery, onions, green peppers and pimentos, mustard and mayo.

    1. All you need is a meat grinder with a disc that's fine enough to process the texture you're looking for. You can use a food processor to do the job if you don't have a meat grinder but it's more difficult to consistently obtain the level of smoothness using the food processor.
      You will probably find the end result to be better if you combine the herbs and/or spices for your recipe with the cut up ham pieces before putting them through the grinder. Flavors seem to blend better using that method.

      1. My husband's favorite is simply good ham, mayo, honey mustard and sweet relish.

        I mince up the ham with the knife blade of the food processor, then I stir the rest in by hand. Sometimes I put in a couple drops of horseradish sauce.

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          Thanks for the suggestions. I don't have a meat grinder so will probably pulse my food processor until I like the consistency. If I have enough leftovers I will probably try a few variations but I suppose I can't go wrong with the basics: mayo, mustard, celery and relish.

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            Will have to try the honey mustard-Sounds good. I usually use just mayo and, for a change, sometimes use dill relish rather than sweet relish.

          2. Whatever recipe you use - use spam instead of ham. Dice or smoosch as you wish. Some relish and mayo are all I use.

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              I recall my mom using hot dogs for a salad like this - ground with the kitchaid attachment. It was a spread/salad in the same style as common tuna salad.

            2. I must be among the minority who don't want sweet pickle relish in my meat salads. :)

              1. My husband's family has a recipe for ham salad that I've tried to duplicate with pretty good results. Their recipe is very imprecise but what I do is put the leftover ham in the food processor and chop it up a bit then add a small jar of drained green olives, onion, a few hard boiled eggs, freshly ground black pepper, and mayo. Process that till it's the desired texture then stir in some cubed cheddar cheese. Fill sandwich rolls with this mixture, wrap in foil and bake in the oven till hot. My family loves these sandwiches.

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                  THat sounds yummy. All hot and gooey from the cheese. I'll definitely try that. Thanks.