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Dec 23, 2008 11:38 AM

Cafe Dupont for New Year's Eve???

So the wife and I decided to do something special for New Years Eve this year and go to one of the really nice restraunts in Birmingham for Dinner.

I pretty much narowed it down to 3 places: Hot and Hot, Highlands, and Cafe Dupont.

Well I called Dupont to make the reservation today and the New Years Eve menu is a 4 course set menu for $85 per person...ouch. I expected to drop a little cash on this dinner obviously, but is it really worh $85 per person?

So my basic question is this... Is Cafe Dupont worth 170 + drinks + tax + tip, or would I be better off going with some other place and trying Dupont on another night? Or is that typical of what you can expect to spend?

For what it is worth after a little research, Hot and Hot is $100/person and Highlands is fully booked.

Another thought...Veranda. But it is about the same price, and I am a bit more intrigued by Cafe Dupont.

Thanks for your responses!

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  1. I was going to confirm your ongoing research. Every top place will set you back beau coups bucks. Glad you decided to go to Cafe Dupont. You won't be disappointed.

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    1. re: Big Daddy

      Do you think even with the general crazyness on restraunts on New Year's Eve it is really worth it? Do you think that the food and service will be up to normal standards?

      Or would I be better off going a bit more low key (or even just stay at home) and going another time?

      1. re: birminghamvisitor

        The food should be good -- single menu will help compensate for any craziness. But I always feel clipped going out on NYE and Valentine's. That's why we're inviting over the extended family and I plan to cook from Frank Stitt's cookbook from his world-famous Highlands Restaurant.
        And sorry, we're fully booked, too. (Unless you bring a great bottle of port).

        1. re: Big Daddy

          LOL! Thanks for the reply...not much of a port man, but I usually have an extra bottle of red sitting around, and would gladly bring burbon. :-)

          Anywho, we pretty much have made the full decision to go to Dupont...actually we really had a hard time finding things we wanted, and have decided to add this dinner as part of our Christmas gifts to one another.

          I just hope that the food is what I expect...and that we have a great time.

          Thanks for the feed back BigDaddy! Have a great Holiday!

    2. I think Cafe Dupont is a good decision. As you discovered, that was pretty much the going rate for other restaurants. Actually having the prix fixe menu should help make things run more smoothly. We gave up going out on New Year's Eve some years ago after a late dinner at Highlands. The food and service were fine, it was some of the other obnoxious fellow diners that was the problem. The table next to us was drinking Dom Perignon and putting their cigars out on the tablecloth -- and in case you hadn't guessed, were very loud and obnoxious. Earlier in the evening would probably have not been such a problem. Now we stay home and splurge on some caviar and champagne.

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      1. re: bhamdining

        Thanks for the feedback! Since it might be our last NYE in Bham, we will go for it! FWIW, I typically dont leave the house for NYE.