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MSP Buffalo Wings

I grew up in upstate New York, one of my favorite foods as a kid was buffalo wings. Now as an adult I prefer more sophisticated fare most of the time, but sometimes good wings scratch an itch that nothing else can hit. It's taken me 20 years but I have finally found wings like the ones of my youth, at the CC Club. Who else has good wings?

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  1. Runyon's on Washington Ave in Minneapolis.

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      Goby's on Snelling and Randolph have excellent wings imho.

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        Runyon's has awesome classic buffalo wings. For regular wings, Shorty's on Nicollet is awesome.

    2. Bless you, somnifor, for posting this tip about the CC Club! Like you, I pine for the wings from the land of my birth (though I left at age 4 months, before Buffalo had invented their spicy wings).

      Here's a thread from two years ago, when I asked for tips ( http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/124984 ). I never did get to Runyon's, so now I have several places to check out.


      C C Club
      2600 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55408

      Goby's Grille & Pub
      472 Snelling Ave S, Saint Paul, MN 55105

      107 Washington Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55401

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        I vaugely remembered that thread but couldn't find it so I posted this one.

        I got 2 orders to go from the CC Club earlier today, it was $8 for 2 dozen which must be happy hour prices. This is the second time I've had them now and they were still right on, just like the ones at the mob pizzarias in Utica.

      2. I like the interesting wings-du-jour at Eli's on Hennepin.

        1. I'm from the east coast and I've had excellent wings at Sweeneys in St Paul.

          1. I went to college at Syracuse. I share the love of a good Buffalo hot wing.

            Runyon's is my regular.

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            1. I was never impressed by Runyon's wings but I haven't eaten there in a decade so maybe they have changed. Back in the day their sauce wasn't true buffalo wing sauce, they were fancying it up too much which is the mistake a lot of places in Minnesota make, also I thought they were too saucy.

              The thing that the CC Club does which a lot of places in Upstate NY also do is make their wings full of sauce but dry at the same time, it is the first place I have seen in Minnesota that pulls that off.

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                for that style of wings, another good place is Jakes. Order them extra crispy.

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                  I love the wings at Jakes as well. For the record, I'm talking about the Jakes sports bar on 88.

              2. Spring Street Tavern for both Buffalo and Spring Wings. Big and meaty and perfectly cooked, great sauces well coated.

                Now, if someone can tell me where around MPLS there is a wing joint that lets you pick a heat level (besides BW3), I'll be in your debt. If I don't sweat...they're doing it wrong.

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                  Billy's on Grand lets you pick your level of heat and the hottest leave your lips chapped in the end.