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Dec 23, 2008 11:00 AM

Holiday Roast Duck… What to serve with it?

So we're getting down to the last nano-second of the holiday and I'm wondering what to serve with my Roast Duck. I'm pairing it with a Blackberry sauce that has citrus and cognac too. I'm thinking roasted fingerling tossed in garlic butter and haricot vertes with hazelnut butter, but I'd like to entertain some other ideas. Thanks!

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  1. Don't get too fancy with different compound butters and flavors of this and that. The flavors are going to get lost if you have all that flavored butter in combination with the duck fat and sauces, etc. I would maybe even combine the green beans and potatoes into one dish and use the garlic butter only. Otherwise, I'll go to my usual response here... In fact, I'll literally copy and paste a response I left on another thread:

    "I always go towards something that is easy and refreshing. People tend to stress themselves out a bit during holiday meal preparation and if you can put a nice dish on the table that is also easy to prepare (and maybe even prepare in advance) go for it!

    You have all hot items here, why not go for a nice salad? You don't have to make a caesar salad or a chef salad, but any combination of cool, crisp veggies is always a good idea when everything else is hot and steamy. Think cucumbers, celery, and white onions. Slice everything real thin (got a mandoline?) and add a good homemade vinaigrette with a sprinkling of salt and pepper on top right before serving. Replace any of those vegetables with anything you might like or have on hand. Fennel, red onion, radish, bell pepper, hot peppers, add some mint, add some chili flakes, jicama... the sky is the limit here and none of these items requires the addition of any heat at any time. Good luck!"

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      good point. a simple, cool salad is perfect.

    2. Your potatoes sound good, but I also think that grains work well with duck. A wild rice or farro salad with sweet and savory additions would go well with your duck and your sauce, and should be pretty simple to make.

      An alternative idea for a green veggie would be greens (chard, maybe?) sauteed in a bit of your duck fat, with just a sprinkling of shallots and a drizzle of vinegar to brighten it up. That's what I'm doing with my duck, at least...

      1. I worked at a restaurant that served duck with orange sauce or black cherry sauce (both containing liqueurs). Their sides for both were mashed sweet potatoes (with apple slices mixed in before baking), and wild rice with sauteed onion and celery and white wine. It was perfect! I must say, haricots verts with hazelnut butter sound awfully good, as well.

        FWIW, they roasted the ducks ahead of time, split them in half, then crisped them in a hot oven when an order came in.