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Broasted chicken...don't be fooled

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Just wanted to inform you guys of a place in Burbank that claims to have broasted chicken..they have the official sign and the machines but what i got was glorified fried chicken..it was awful....Pinball Pizza was horrible...if you want REAL broasted chicken the only places I know of are Sir Pizza n'Chicken in El Monte and either Charlie's Trio in Alhambra....they have 2 places there..any ideas would be greatly appreciated......

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  1. what is broasted chicken?

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    1. re: Dbird

      Fried chicken, cooked in a pressure cooker.

      1. re: Chino Wayne

        That's absurd. KFC is pressure-cooked, but (whatever its merits) it sure isn't Broasted.

      2. re: Dbird

        from the website linked below:

        OK, you people always say you search the Web, but did you never think to look for Broaster.com? From that site, you will learn that Broaster and Broasted are registered trademarks of the Broaster Co. in Beloit, Wisc., that it has been broasting chickens since 1954, that it is not only the process of frying chickens under pressure, but includes a special marinading process, and that it is NOT available to home cooks. The Broasters and the seasonings are sold only to restaurants and the food trade, so Broasted chicken is available to you only when you dine out.

        The Broasting process makes chicken that has the taste of fried chicken, but is moister and less greasy. According to the company, Broaster Chicken has "a crispy, nutty golden-brown coating,… tender and juicy deep down to the bone." The company says its pressure-fried chicken has up to 44 percent more moisture than the leading brand of "open" fried chicken, and 40 percent to 70 percent less fat and fewer calories.

        We were going to say that we had seen someone selling broasters at a small home show in Maine some years back, but now we know that the person was a fraud — certainly not selling a genuine Broaster (but his chicken sure tasted good).

        Link: http://www.ochef.com/374.htm

      3. Lamplighter has broasted chicken too.

        1. You want Broasted chicken? I mean real Broasted chicken that still tastes like Broasted chicken did some 50 years ago when It first came to Los Angeles. Is that the kind you mean?
          Go to Ambers Chicken & Donut, 16900 Burbank Blvd., Encino. (818) 995-3200. And don't forget to order the broasted potatoes. Based on your capacity one potato is generally enough for two people. Pass on the biscuits. Good cole slaw.
          12 pieces runs about $15 and they used to discount if you took all dark meat. The place has a few tables but this is primarily take out. I buy a bunch before heading up to Santa Ynez Valley and picnicing at one of the wineries. Enjoy!

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            Call your order in ahead. Each order is made when placed. It takes about 20 - 25 minutes to make a batch.

            1. Try Slavkos poultry in San Pedro on Pacific. They been doin it over 50 years. Make sure you get the potatoes too.
              hth, danny

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                There's a Broasted Chicken on Beverly Blvd. in Montebello.

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                  Yup. Been a while, but remember it as being very good. Was always crowded.

                  There's a place on Katella in Cypress been meaning to try (Pittsburgh chicken??). Anyone been?

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                    This place is the real deal and very good. Been there forever. They also have the excellent broasted potato wedges and good cole slaw. You do have to wait about 25 minutes after you order. You can eat in as well. Good pies also. It is right on the northeast corner of Maple Avenue and Beverly and Blvd in Montebello just east of the city hall.

                2. Chicken House in Hollywood fries their chicken in a pressure cooker. I don't know if it's officially "broasted," but that's the technique they use. In fact, based on the flavor, I think it's probably so they can fry it up faster (they fry to order) and serve it hot. But it sounds like it's more along the lines of the Pinball Pizza experience that the OP was referring to. Despite cooking to order, it still tastes old and stale.

                  They just opened up a couple of months ago after an eternal buildout, and I was excited to see some smaller chains being run by Armenians coming into Little Armenia. Big Mama's and Big Papa's is another one.

                  Sadly, though, they just don't deliver the goods. BMBP is not as good as the Studio City location, and Chicken House doesn't hold a candle to Pollo Dorado or Pioneer. But the people running them are nice.

                  I love the actual Armenian places in Little Armenia. It's just these new chain stores that are not quite up to standard.

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                    Chris & Pitts in Whittier (only this location) has broasted chicken and potatoes.

                    Chris' & Pitt's Restaurant
                    11350 Washington Blvd, Whittier, CA 90606

                  2. Charlies Trio on Huntington Drive in Alhambra also has it. I never knew what Broasted meant, and I always assumed it was a way to market fried chicken and imply it was healthy ;) Well you learn something new every day, but it still does not sound really healthy. Having said that, it is delicious.


                    1. Amber's in Encino is closed.
                      For the BEST broasted chicken try Scotty's Broasted Chicken in Lake Havsua City, Arizona----It's worth the drive.

                      1. The Lamplighter in Van Nuys (Laurel Canyon Blvd.) has Broasted Chicken and it's very good. Not sure if their other locations do (Canoga Park comes to mind, North Hollywood is closed).

                        1. wrong location for the Lamplighter, the Laurel Canyon IS the North Hollywood (closed) one, and the one I was t thinking of is on Van Nuys Blvd. in Sherman Oaks.

                          1. I never new Charlie's Trio in Alhambra served broasted chicken. Thanks for the tip.

                            Paty's Restaurant also has a pretty good version:

                            10001 Riverside Dr
                            Toluca Lake, CA 91602
                            Phone: (818) 761-0041