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Dec 23, 2008 10:57 AM

Amarena Fabbri Cherries

Does any one know of a store in SF that carries Amarena Fabbri wild cherries in syrup? I need them for the holidays.


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  1. Not sure about the specific brand, but this is the type of thing they might sell at Lehr's German Specialties. Give them a call.

    Lehr's German Specialties
    1581 Church St, San Francisco, CA

    1. Yes, they have them at Williams Sonoma at $25 per jar.

      1. Not in SF, but Markethall in Rockridge has Amarena from Agrimontana for $14.50 for 16 oz on its website,

        It's an easy BART ride and the store is across the street from Rockridge station.

        1. I think Lucca on Valencia and 22nd has them. Bi-Rite might as well.

          1. Felicitations fellow food fiends, happy holidays.