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Dec 23, 2008 10:41 AM

Midnight dinner--with alcohol?

Hello all,

My 21st birthday is on December 30th. I am home in Austin for the holidays, but I fly back to NYC on my birthday. My ideal plan is to have a midnight dinner with 2 of my friends (both 21) on the 29th, (or I guess the wee hours of the 30th).

I'm aware of Magnolia's and Kerbey lane.. but I wanted something a bit more upscale, if possible. No need for mixed drinks or anything. What I would really like is some delicious food, of any cuisine (none of us is picky), and a nice bottle of wine. I'm not looking to get "wasted."

Can anyone suggest a restaurant, or, I guess, bar with good food.. that will be open late night (doesn't have to be 24 hrs) on monday?


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  1. You should try PARKSIDE on 6th. They are open until 2 on weekends though I don't know if they are open past midnight on weekdays. I believe they are open until midnight.

    Both Imperia and Peche are also open until midnight on monday.

    1. IIRC, Kerbey and Magnolia don't sell alcohol after midnight.

      1. You may want to check but I vaguely remember that in "alcohol selling" hours, the next day doesn't start until after 2am. Thus, even though you are 21 at midnight, by law you can't drink until the next day. It falls under the same reasoning that prevents bars from staying open an additional hour when the clocks fall back.

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          Both of these comments are wrong, from my late night experiences... If you turn 21 at midnight, you can buy a drink at midnight. In fact, many of my younger friends have headed downtown for their birthdays, because you not only can drink at midnight, but usually the crappy 6th street bars with throw in a free birthday shot.
          And, the bars and clubs do stay open the additional hour during the fall time change. It's a good night to see live music, too!

          As for an answer to the question, I'd also recommend Parkside, but it looks like they're only open till midnight Sun-Wed, till 2am on Thur-Sat. Since it's a celebration week, they may have different plans, and it wouldn't hurt to call or email to find out.

          Belmont serves a decent menu, and is open till 2 most nights, but I've never tried to get food that late. I'd guess you could get food, but the crowd would be much more of a dance party bar than had you gone earlier in the night. They do have lots of separate dining areas though.

          happy birthday!

        2. Casino el Camino on E. 6th claims to be open until 2 a.m. 365 days a year, and their website says the kitchen stays open until 1:30. Many posters on this board claim that their 3/4-pound burger is the best in town, and they were profiled on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives for spicy chile additions to the burgers, dogs, and fries.

          1. Thanks everyone! I will look into these suggestions.