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Fresh Smoked Fish


I live in the Newton/Brighton area and am wondering if there are any fish smokehouses in the area that sells smoked salmon. I know Spencer & Co. is located in Brockton, but unfortunately they don't have a retail store at their facility.


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  1. Baza Intenational Market, Newton, behind Filene's Basement Needham St location, has an excellent selection of smoked fishes. Doubt if they smoke in-house, but the selection is fantastic.

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      Thanks. I looked in there when they first opened, and I think they might actually smoke in-house. I thought of Baza right after I posted.

    2. These guys do mail order, and you can find their salmon in various speciality shops around too: http://www.nantucketwildgourmet.com/

      1. While Spence doesn't have an actual retail storefront, I used to go to their old location, just walk into the reception area and buy stuff directly from them anyways, so I would suggest stopping by and asking.

        I would also recommend mail ordering from http://www.mainelysmokedsalmon.com - they pretty much smoke to order, so it's fresh as you will find anywhere, and it's "slightly different" (much smokier) from your average mainstream store bought smoked salmon. Love their kabobs aka salmon sticks... and their prices are incredibly low.

        1. The River Street Whole Foods smokes all sorts of fish in-house, including salmon. They might even do special requests.

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            Keep in mind, tho, that their fish is "hot-smoked", rather than cold smoked, as the stuff in the Russian places is. That said, i love it. I got some smoked bay scallops there for $9.99 a pound last week. It came to about $2.50 for a container the size of which you'd pay $6 or so from Duck Trap, PLUS, there was no oil added. They were truly divine, it was like eating candy.The best hot-smoked salmon from the WF chain (believe me, I've done research here!) is from the Framingham store, where they smoke whole sides, as opposed to the smoked pieces they do at River St...)' Just sayin'...

            Also, keep in mind that Spence does sveral levels of smoked salmon, according to what you're looking for. Also, the Spence smoked salmon is ALL fresh, NEVER frozen....

          2. A breakfast at Cafe Polonia in South Boston last weekend has resulted in some household cravings for smoked salmon on potato pancakes. Has anyone had experience with smoked salmon from the nearby delis such at Baltic or Euro? Our local markets are expensive, and the little slivers of salmon would be wolfed down in seconds. Thanks!

            (BTW, the menu was the regular menu, not a specially revised or priced brunch menu, but no one had any difficulty consuming dinner at 10:00 AM after an airport run on a cold snowy morning :) ).

            Cafe Polonia
            611 Dorchester Ave, Boston, MA 02127

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              I've bought smoked salmon and herring at Baltic. It's not bad but I prefer Bazaar in Coolidge Corner.

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                Quick note: There's a Bazaar in Union Square, Allston, also, between Cambridge St. and Brighton Ave. (You have to go through the mini-mall parking lot, if I remember right, if you're coming from the Brighton Ave side.)

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                  Another Bazaar is in Union Square, Allston.

                  Bazaar International Gourmet
                  1432 Beacon St, Brookline, MA

                  Bazaar On Cambridge St
                  424 Cambridge St, Allston, MA

              2. We ended up going to Bazaa Market in Newton. We bought some cold smoked salmon from Jamaica, Queens. They also had some from somewhere in Brooklyn.

                It looked to me like they do smoke fish on premises, but whole fish, not lox, but maybe I missed it.

                Next time I think I'll check out the whole foods option.

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                  How did you like the Baza fish?
                  WF is more expensive, and does not cold smoke lox on site either.

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                    It was good. A half pound was $8.99 I believe, although I'm not positive and I tossed out the contained. It was great on bagels and also quite good on its on. Often times I find that the grocery lox is a little "slimy," and this wasn't.

                    My hometown, and where my parent's still live (in NY), has a wholesale fish smoking house that also does retail, and I've got to say that this was pretty on par (although I'm not too picky). It was thin cut (sometimes the grocery store cuts are fairly thick), had good salt levels and tasted great. I also appreciated that the only ingredients were salmon, salt and sugar, I'm not sure what the other ingredients are on some brands, but I figure stick to just the normal stuff and not chemicals for such a simple item. Finally, you can't go wrong getting Lox from Queens.

                2. I've been meaning to try these guys. Stayed near here last summer and then failed to pick up my order on the way home.

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                    You can buy their fish at some Whole Foods.....

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                      buying Spence's lox or smoked salmon at WF for $8.49 per package or $34.00 a lb. was crazy and driving me to the poor house, so took the advice of ch and went to Bazaar on cambridge st in allston.WHAT A FIND $17.00 a pound for moist delicious cold smoked lox from NYC Thanks for the help, never again Whole Foods/ Spence, Duck Trap etc