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Dec 23, 2008 09:47 AM

Winter Cravings - Brrrrr!

What are you hungry for this wet snowy day?

I'm going to make Posole! I saw a can of menudo (I hate tripe) and it ignited instant craving for Posole!

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  1. Our dinner tonight is going to be sweet potato waffles, collard greens and pork maple sausage. It's kind of a "breakfast for dinner" thing.

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    1. re: northside food

      LOL Dinner is the only time of day there's time for breakfast! :)

      1. re: Bratdawg

        It helps that my husband adores breakfast foods. "I don't feel like cooking tonight. Do you mind if I make scrambled eggs and toast?" "I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!"

    2. Yesterday while I was out shopping I had Pho for lunch. Very good on a wet day.

      1. Of course, here in SoCal it's merely chilly, and the only snow I've seen lately has already melted off the mountain tops (though we should get more tonight). Still, it's a good excuse to put on a pot of beans, a process I'll repeat several times over the next few months; we both love them dearly. Lentils and peas, too. I do wish Mrs. O liked chard - chard and lentil soup is one of the best dishes I learned from my ex, whose dad was Armenian, and I love those earthy flavors together. She does like lamb, however, and that goes with lentils the way pig goes with peas and beans. As for all the cooking, this is the kind of cooking I love to do when there's little chance of going all sweaty. Lovely billowing steam, lovely smells, lovely stuff in warm bowls, yum.

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        1. re: Will Owen

          Well, here in below zero Minneapolis, we do love a steaming bowl of lentil soup with spinach (or chard) to ward off frostbite. :-D

          1. re: ceej2008

            Damn, how could I have forgotten about spinach? She likes it almost as much as I do, and yes, it IS very good in lentil soup. Thanks for jogging loose my brain snag there.

            For the record, I'm making a pot of pinquito beans from Santa Maria right now. A niece who recently graduated from UC Santa Barbara used to bring us the one-pound bags with the seasoning packet as a gift when she came down for holidays, and I still have two that are gonna be too old. Good time to use'em up.

        2. Chilly and damp in my SoCal neighborhood - I have the Le Cruset on the stove with browned dark meat chicken slowly simmering with onions and (GASP!) smothered with catsup and basted often with the juices until all traces of the unmentionable secret ingredient disappear. I'll add carrots and potatoes at the last hour or so, and maybe sneak in a little wine. Making this not for tonight but to warm up the house and my spirits, and it makes me think of my Grandma Sari and smile, and since I have yet to make latkes it feels like a nice second (she always made it for one of the Jewish high holidays).

          Having mac n cheese for Christmas dinner - hubby makes it with gruyere and prosciutto. Good cold and rainy day dish. Trader Joe's was completely out of gruyere today - must have been some big holiday run on it, or lots of fondue going on in Santa Barbara!

          1. Tonight, I made pumpkin curry soup for my family's Christmas Eve buffet. This is the first time I've made it for them, and it was a big hit. Nice and warm and seasonal.