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Dec 23, 2008 09:41 AM


I originally asked this question in the Los Angeles board with no luck so I will pose it here. I am looking for a bar/ restaurant in the LA Orange county area that serves Connemara.

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  1. The best selection of whiskies in LA are at the Daily Pint in Santa Monica of Seven Grand in downtown LA. One of them would be your best bet; I'd check Daily Pint first.

    1. Connemara is imported by Monsieur Henri, which is now a part of Sazerac. You can reach them at:

      803 Jefferson Hwy.
      New Orleans, LA 70121
      Tel.: 504-830-5733
      Contact: Kristy Crane

      Ask them what wholesale company carries it in Southern California. Then, contact the wholesale company and they will be able to give you some names in your area of onsale establishments (bars and restaurants) that have purchased it.

      1. Be sure to try the 12 year if you come across it!

        1. Comes in attractive packaging, I might seek this out to try...