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Flemington - Bok Bok Fresh

Anybody know anything about this new place opening in the shoppes at flemington? they have a website for a different location and menu looks good.

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  1. The first location is in Barrington, NJ, and I get take out from there often. The salads are a bit pricey for take-out , (you can also eat there), but they are very fresh. Far better than any of the other chains. The chicken is organic, I believe, and the greens are very good. All the salads are served with a fresh garlic stick, which is fairly addictive. They also offer wraps, and sandwiches. Everything I have had from there is pretty good. They serve no beef at all, everything is chicken or pasta. I find the menu a little odd; especially the pasta with marinara sauce. I have never tried the pasta or sauce, so I can't comment on it. Sort of a strange take-out item, imo. They also serve soup and gelati, which I haven't tried. I think their mission statement is to serve the freshest food possible, and to make it as healthy as they can. No fried chicken here.
    Give it a try, I think you'll be pleased. In fact, I'm thinking about getting a salad from them today. I saw on their website that they are opening up several new locations in NJ.
    They are a Christian organization, and like Chic-Fil-a, are closed on Sunday.

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      Thanks for the info. The wrap with feta and hummus sounds really good. I will check it out.

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        Actually, you can get a side order of hummus as well. They serve those Terra vegetable chips with them. It's pretty good, and I heard the cinnamon buns they serve are good as well.

    2. The Shoppes at Flemington retail center couldn't have picked a worse time to open. Some stores there are really struggling and rumors abound concerning the future of several of them.

      Bok Bok Fresh has yet to open and although the Bok Bok web site gives every indication that it will, the Shoppes web site does not show it on the list of stores. Let's hope it does open and that it survives. The menu certainly indicates that this chain offers a welcome alternative to fast food restaurants.

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        I just drove by today and there was a "Help Wanted" sign attached to the sign on the Route 202/31 entrance.

      2. The Flemington location has opened.

        1. I ate at the flemington location and was very surprised at how good the food was. Very fresh and quite flavorful. I was speaking with the manager and was told the idea of bok bok was started as a new approach to fast food by the founder of the CHECKER'S chain.

          1. I finally made it to Bok Bok Fresh. This place does indeed offer a nice alternative to most other fast food restaurants but I have to say I was disappointed in what I had to eat. I opted for one of the sandwiches (all based on chicken) and found that the semolina roll simply overwhelmed everything else. They need to use a smaller roll or more chicken (and lettuce and dressing)! I think I'll go for a wrap next time.

            I also think the food is overpriced, considering what you get. However, this branch is currently offering discount coupons with each order and this helps a bit (assuming, of course, that you return).

            It was nice to see that the restaurant was reasonably busy. There were few cars in the parking lot but it seems most of the people were in Bok Bok Fresh rather than the neighboring shops.

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              I have the same feeling about the roll; it is a bit too big. The wraps are pretty good. As I originally stated above, it is a bit overpriced, imo. The drinks like the fresh iced tea especially. You get a huge styrofoam cup loaded with ice and just a little tea. I'm glad they have the coupons going, because I think they're going to need them in this environment.

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                Was underwhelmed, especially for the cost. Lunch for two somehow crept up near 20 bucks. Not worth it

            2. After reading the posts here, I trekked down there for lunch yesterday, and have to say, it was probably the worst sandwich I have had in memory. The chicken was rubbery, the roll was soggy, they use canned mushrooms (!) and it was so absolutely bland, that I wonder, what are they thinking? Never again ---

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                I know these are franchise operations, but I have to say that I like the one near me (the original one). I usually stick to salads or a wrap, but the times I have had a sandwich I have enjoyed it. Never ordered anything with mushrooms, however. I also have found the roll to be a bit too doughy, but never has the chicken been anything but fresh, at least in my experience. Sorry your meal was not good. I know how that sours you on a restaurant, and you never want to go back.

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                  I thought the exact same thing about the chicken sandwich I had. It was pretty bad. The only good thing I really had to say about it was that it was free. (I had a coupon.)

                2. I tried the ceasar wrap and an order of sweet potato fries today. It was about $10.50. At first I thought it wasn't that bad a deal, because it looked like the wrap was large enough to feed two people, and there were enough fries for 2-3 servings. But it turns out the wrap was 90% lettuce. After taking out most of the lettuce and about 3/4 of the wrap, I was left with a wrap with about 4 oz of chicken. The chicken was dry, and had no seasoning. The only flavor was a strong, this was grilled over an open flame taste. It was not pleasant. The fries also had absolutely no seasoning. They were hot and relatively crisp, but incredibly bland. I guess organic means "not enhanced with anything that could add or improve the flavor." I could have had a grilled chicken snack wrap and an order of small fries at the McD's next door for $2-3 and had a much more pleasant meal. And that's not a very good sign.

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                    I haven't been back since the one bad experience. Sound slike I haven't been missing anything, I'm surprised the place has stayed open this long.