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Dec 23, 2008 09:36 AM

Standing Rib Roast?

Where can I find a reasonably priced standing rib roast in Howard County? Costco? I've been given $50 to purchase the meat. Is that enough to feed three adults and one child? If I can't afford the rib roast, what could be a decent alternative, rib eye roast? Help!!

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  1. I just spent $55 on a large, 3 rib standing rib roast at Costco, which should be more than enough to feed your folks. Unless they are really really big eaters.

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    1. re: heeter

      So is it sold by rib or by the pound? Maybe ask them $50 worth of meat? How much should I ask for when feeding four people?

    2. Safeway usually has their Rancher's Reserve bone in rib roast on sale this time of year, in fact I think I saw it for $5.99/pound this week. A three-bone hunk will feed three adults and a child if one of the adults isn't super hungry. That's the size that Safeway usually has ready to go in the meat case, and on sale, it runs about $27-$30, but they'll cut you a 4-bone roast if you want to be sure and it will be well below your $50 budget.

      I've had at least four of those from Safeway and they've all had good beefy flavor and came out nice and tender. I'm sure Costco has the equivalent, probably at about the same price as Safeway's sale price.

      1. Both Costco and Wegman's are $7.99/lb for choice standing rib roast. (I was at both the Fairfax Costco and Fairfax Wegman's this afternoon.) Rancher's Reserve at Safeway is a lower grade.

        "Christmas Eve at Costco:"

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          As Joe said, note that Safeway's "Rancher's Reserve" line is still Select grade meat, not Choice like Costco or Giant.

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            Good, though, and within budget. I slow cook it for about 4 hours with (real) charcoal and some smoky wood in my Weber grill. You can get almost any grade of beef tender and tasty cooking it the cowboy way.

        2. Thanks, everyone! I found one at Costco for about $54.

          1. When I make a standing rib roast, I figure two eaters per rib. But you really want a three rib minimum, otherwise you have a big, fat ribeye steak and you can't roast it to perfection.

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