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Dec 23, 2008 09:17 AM

August in the W. Village

Anyone been there? I made reservations for Christmas Eve after a recommendation that it would be cozy and W. Village-y.

Any info??


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  1. It's a very cozy space. We had the oysters, the tarte flambe, the short ribs (I think?) and a fish dish. All were excellent and well worth the price, which is fairly reasonable for all of the quality ingredients used in the preparation.

    1. Yep, I like it and it's definitely cozy and W Village-y. Do a search and you'll find some other discussion.

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      1. August definitely meets your requirements for cozy and West Village-y. My favorite dish from my dinner there a few months back were the mussel apps. Hands down one of the best prepared mussels i've ever had in New York, it took every bit of restraint to keep myself from lifting up the bowl and downing the mussel broth. :-)

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          ah fantastic! that is perfect news - as mussels are one of my boyfriend's fav foods! i've totally scored points. :)

        2. Thanks to this thread, and since we don't have time to over-think on where to go, I also made our Christmas eve dinner reservation at this restaurant.