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Dec 23, 2008 09:09 AM


Got invited to a dinner party yesterday, with the responsibility for bringing dessert. Called Flour Power, only to discover they have closed their doors, and only take orders 24 hrs in advance. The cakeman was already closed, so there went that option.

I called Sucre, and they had what sounded and looked on their website to be nice miniature pastries, albeit at $6 apiece. However, when I got down there, they looked about 3 days old, and not at all appealing, so I passed. Instead, I chose A white buttercream Yule log with white cake and strawberry champagne frosting. Although exorbitant, I payed my $43, and went off to the dinner party.

To say this cake was cloyingly sweet would be an understatement. The internal filling was quite good, but was overpowered by the frosting, to the point that it was politely described as "rich" by my hosts, who each took no more than a bite or two, before politely pushing theirs to the side.

I know Sucre is a lovely store, and its packaging, in all senses of the word, is first rate. I'm sure you get points when you bring your society hosts an offering from this obviously high end establishment. Personally, I have been underwhelmed by their chocolates, their gelato, and now their pastries. All flash, no substance, IMHO.

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  1. I agree, Their prices are way to high, I understand what they are going for, but I am not impressed enough with the product to soend that much money of Candy and Sweets.

    1. I somewhat agree. Most of the pastries/desserts I've tried there haven't tasted as good as they looked. Things I like there: vanilla malt, white chocolate lavender hot chocolate, parfaits, macaroons, and chocolates. I pretty much always get a parfait when I go. Every one I've had has been good.

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        1. Sucre's gelato is a luridly colored imitation of the real thing, conveniently available just down the street at La Divina. Props to Sucre for the overall gorgeousness of the offerings, but that gelato just doesn't cut it.

          1. re: ml.drake

            In all honesty, the two are completely different. La Divina uses local milk from Smith's Creamery and as many of the other ingredients as possible are locally sourced. All of the plastics (takeout cups, spoons, etc) are biodegradable. No artificial flavors or colors, period. Sucre's gelato is most emphatically NOT the hardcore real deal....La Divina's easily tastes as good as Italy's finest, with the same attention to quality & flavor. No, the colors aren't "weird" by American standards, but they are artificial: a big no-no in the world of serious Italian gelato.

            Thanks for the shout-out.

        2. all flash, no substance is a perfect description ~ the place is cute but does that really matter?

          luckily we have some really great options for chocolate and gelato