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Dec 23, 2008 07:59 AM

Ariston olive oil? extra virgin reserve

I was thinking of putting a bottle of this olive oil in my mom's stocking... anybody tried it? If not, another snazzy olive oil? Not sure if this is the right board to post, but I don't know where else, CH team :) thanks!

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  1. The snazziest of all is probably Manni ( What is Ariston? What does it say on the label? Where is is from?

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      As the name would imply, it's Greek - specifically from Kalamata. It's a regionally sold product in New England and New York. I haven't tasted it myself but the company runs a very popular "refill and save" program, where you buy a bottle to start and then can refill it at a number of retail locations at a discount price from a bulk container.

    2. It is excellent. Very appropriate for a gift. I have been using it for several years and bring the empty bottle to my local butcher shop to refill at a reduced price.

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        can anyone tell me where to find a place to refill these bottles in/near nyc? i originally came across the Ariston products in Mystic, CT and love them. would like to find them closer to home! thanks

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          Check with Ariston at the Web site I listed above. They have a contact page.

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            I used to be able to find it at *some* Stop & Shops. One near me discontinued it; the manager told me it was because the significant Italian-America population preferred Italian oils. It seems I was the only person who bought it.

            The only other place I've found, which stocks it in the keg so you can BYOB, is Rose's Orchard in North Branford, CT. But I'm afraid that's not awfully convenient to NYC, and it closes for the winter. What about Stew Leonard's? You think they might carry it? Other than that, you ought to be able to find it somewhere in Astoria, even by mail or phone order, I should think.

            I *love* Ariston. It is my favorite all-around oil. If I can't find the Reserve, I'm happy with its everyday oil. I like Greek oils, anyway.

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              My co-op (4th street food coop) carries Ariston Select. Park Slope might have it too.

          2. This olive oil really is the most pure tasting I've ever had. I used to live in NYC and bought it all the time. Now I moved out of state and can't find it anywhere. It really is the best olive oil I've ever had. It's so, so good. What I buy now just doesn't compare at all. Does anyone know where to find it in Massachusetts?

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              The When Pigs Fly store in Coolidge Corner sells it, and does refills.

              When Pigs Fly Breads
              1378 Beacon St, Brookline, MA

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                Nejaime's Liquors in Pittsfield and Bolton Orchards in Bolton both carry it in bulk, along with the balsamic vinegar.

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                  Available in Northampton at Different Drummer's Kitchen (does refills).

                  1. re: fame da lupo

                    Cooks Shop Here in Northampton also has some really great olive oil. The people who run that place really know their stuff when it comes to olive oil. And tea, for that matter.

                    1. re: corinnerose

                      Agreed. Yesterday I saw the Ariston is available at Cornucopia in Thorne's, $8 refills ($10 at Different Drummer).

                2. Another excellent olive oil from Greece (specifically, Crete) is Aria. It won an award for outstanding olive oil at the New York Fancy Food Show a couple of years ago. Here's the link to the website:


                  Aria is made from the Koroneiki olive variety, not the Kalamata. Greeks love the Kalamata as an eating olive (as does the rest of the world!), but think that the Koroneiki yields a higher quality oil.

                  1. I have been seeing it at Homegoods and at Marshall's, two of the TJX stores. Although I have two or three places nearby to refill my bottles.