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Dec 23, 2008 07:51 AM

Great Wine Shop in Encinitas?

We are looking to buy some good, reasonably priced, french, spanish, italian etc. wine -- is there a place in Encinitas that has a good selection?


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  1. Not too far from Encinitas is the Wine Loft in the Forum Shops in Carlsbad. I've always enjoyed shopping there and they are very friendly and knowledgeable. They do tastings as well.

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    1. re: Juji

      I would not recommend Wine Loft, or Wine Styles, for price and selection. Both places have very limited selections and the prices are not good at Wine Loft (they are in a high rent mall. I guess BevMo would be the default place, but I haven't yet checked out 3rd Corner.

    2. I would check out the 3rd Corner-great shop with great prices...

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      1. re: sdpanda80

        This place also has a fantastic policy of $5.00 for a corkage fee. I went there on a date and watched my date pick out a $140 bottle and only pay $5.00 for a corkage fee. On the flip side, a $10.00 bottle has a $5.00 corkage fee.

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          LOVE 3rd corner for food and their wine selection. they're always rotating in new wines and i have found their mark up to be quite low ~ on the same level with wine steals, perhaps even less. and as deanna mentioned, you certainly can't beat the $5 corkage.

        2. Try BevMo off El Camino Real (just north of Encinitas Blvd.) It's one of the larger BevMo's in San Diego County and thus it has a huge selection. There is also a Wine Styles franchise on El Camino Real that is literally across the street from BevMo.

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            There is also a Wine Steals (not Styles) over in Cardiff next to the Jackitb. I have not checked them out but it looks pretty similar to the Styles place. Meritage is in the Pancake house mall on Encinitas Blvd. They are very similar to the Wine Loft as far as selection and price. My default place in Encinitas is the BevMo and don't laugh, the Von's on El Camino has a very good wine selection, California is the best represented, but some Euros as well, but really only the bigger labels. All of that said, since I work down in Sorrento Valley, I usually hit San Diego Wine Company up on Miramar Rd. when I want some more unusual wines. They seem to be the best in county.

          2. Holiday wine seller in Escondido is the best/

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            1. re: kare_raisu

              Holiday is the best, though the prices are high, it has an unbelievable wine cellar that's accessed down a spiral stair case.

              I also just remembered Wine Street on El Camino Real in Carlsbad. Not bad. In addition there's Costco on Palomar in Carlsbad. One of the better wine-stocked Costco's

              1. re: The Old Man

                Definitely check out Costco if you're a member. Coscto is the tope wine retailer in the US (and perhaps the world), and Costco's Carlsbad store is one of is top 10 stores for wine sales. Thus, it get a better selection than other locations, especially for the higher end stuff.

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                  re Wine Street: while they do get some very nice wines (rather limited allocations) they also tend to be very overpriced. that could be changing though