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Dec 23, 2008 07:37 AM

Frozen Pizza Dough Balls. Tips?

Noticed in my local Sam's you can buy these by the case. Anyone out there that has tried these or something similar. What were the results? Any tricks or tips in using them?

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  1. They're simply pieces of pizza dough that have been frozen. Defrost and use like you would any other pizza dough. You can combine them if you need a pizza larger than a single dough ball will create. Handy to have around ...

    1. I swear by these. Take it out in the morning, put it in an oiled bowl, and cover with a towel. Later in the day, press it into a pizza pan and add sauce and cheese or whatever. It's a great thing to have in the house.

      1. I saw giada take one and roll it out, using small round cutter - made donut holes fried in oil, then tosses in a bag with cinnamon sugar. Been wanting to try this.

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          I saw that episode.. I've been wanting to make it too!

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            Oh, yum--pizza fritte--that's what I thought was being described when I clicked on this thread. We used to make them with the extra pizza dough at my uncle's restaurant. We just shook 'em up in a bag of plain sugar. But the butter on the dough, then powdered sugar is even better!

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              I've never done this, but for sweet use I roll them up jelly roll style w/ pecans, currants, a litle butter, sugar, cinn. filling. Slice into rounds, bake and you have tasty mock cinnamon rolls.

          2. We;ve used these for years, whenever we have space in the big freezer (be aware, they take up quite a bit of room!) for taste, well I do like my homemade crust better, but most fridays find me pulling out a few dough balls and making pizzas for my crew. No complaints, but one caution - the bags holding the dough balls are not sealed so you'll need to tie them before tossing them in the freezer. I've contemplated resealing them in freezer bags but have never gotten around to it...I have rarely encountered one with freezer burn and I've used hundreds of them, so I probably never will.

            1. One more thought on this topic - it does make a difference how long you defrost them. A longer defrosting period can improve the texture and flavor, really this is dependent on temperature in your kitchen and whether you defrost in refridgerator or on counter, try it several ways to see what works best for you.

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                I have no experience with the ones from Sam's but I freeze my extra homemade dough. I find the best is to defrost overnight in the fridge and then let rest on the counter for at least 2, if not four, hours.