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Dec 23, 2008 07:28 AM

Presentation & packaging of "gifts from my kitchen"

So I have my gifts from my kitchen all created. Now, how to present them? Does anyone have any clever wrapping or packaging ideas or websites? Any websites with especially good clipart for labels and recipe tags? I’ve looked at Martha’s site, of course, and found some elegant ideas, but I guess I’m looking for something a little funkier.

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  1. I use a combination of things...a big basket or bowl with some kitchen towels lining them, then filled with baggies (tied with curling ribbon), take-out containers and cups or mugs to hold the tall items (biscotti or chocolate covered pretzel rods),

    1. You can stack cookies or bar cookies in a short square (cube shaped) glass vase. Wrap with cellophane and tie with a ribbon. For something tall, a pretty drinking glass.

      1. the marshmallows I made for my daughter's teachers are in cello bags, and I made an oversized ornament tag that is hung with a fabric ribbon around the bag to close it up. I used lavender and chartreuse green for the ornament, the ribbon is chartreuse as well.

        1. I am prosaic when packing my cookies, candies etc. I use a plastic Take along container lined with seasonal gift bags that I cut open. I figure freshness is part of the package.
          I also give away a ton of caramel corn which we package in ziplock sandwich bags. My husband's contribution to the cause is labels he makes using Microsoft publishing and clear Avery labels. I get as many compliments and comments on the labels as on the contents.

          1. I find that those cellophane party bags are wonderful. The German ones printed with gold stripes or stars are very sophisticated and make anything look great. Sheet cellophane pulled up around a cardboard cake circle and tied with a big glitzy bow or a simple raffia tie adds glamor and drama too.

            Brown paper bags are good for some things. If you oil them they get even more interesting and you can also roll down the tops to make a sort of "bowl-ish" shape. These can also get the final sheet of cellophane treatment. Small lunch size bags house cookies. A big grocery store sack works for a braided holiday bread. And there are medium sized ones that are good for a selection of muffins or scones too. Sadly, these are harder to find.

            You can get white paper bags at a wholesale grocer. It's not too hard to cut a window into these. If you want something fussy like a Christmas tree shape, slip a small cutting mat inside and use an Xacto for the cutting. Slip in a plain cellophane bag or use one of those rolling dry glue applying devices to secure an appropriate sized window of cellophane.

            I'm a tea drinker. I save loose tea canisters all year round. Some are tall cylinders that you can stack cookies in. Some are squat open tins that bonbons or truffles fit in perfectly. Some are the more traditional cube-shaped tins with small round lids in the top. These are good for homemade granola, spice blends or holiday brine mixture or spiced nuts and such.

            Cost Plus always has interesting containers for food gifts in their holiday gift wrap section. Only thing is they're going for $4-5 apiece and at this point in the holiday season you have to wait on nasty lines to pay for them. This may not be the year you want to spend that much or use up that much time. ...but maybe you'll want to pick some up in the after Christmas sales and put them away for next year.

            Costco has great bolts of gorgeous holiday ribbon for about $7 -- I'm talking enough ribbon to ties bows on everything in your pantry. And a festive, sexy bow makes everything look enticing.

            Good luck with it and have a wonderful holiday. I know packaging up your food gifts will get you in the mood! ;>