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cuban sandwich

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craving a really good traditional cuban sandwich.. any recommendations?

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  1. Cafe Habana...Love them there.

    1. Margon has great cubanos. Cafe Habana has great looking waitresses.

      1. There's a lot of good information on these 2 threads from April of this year.



        1. Margon is good, as is Sophie's.

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            I personallym have to disagree with Sophie's...JUST my personal opinion. It actually had a funky smell/taste and the pork was definitely NOT fresh.

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              I had a a really bland Cuban from the Sophie's on W40th.

          2. The best I've ever had is at a divey Dominican place on Adam Morgan Place between West 157 and 156th (very close to the #1 train.) They roast their own pork and it's very flavorful. Sandwich could use more pickles IMO. They don't always have Cubans though, so you need to be lucky.

            1. I've heard the cuban at Cafecito in Alphabet City is good. I haven't tried it myself, but the other food there is amazing so I'm sure it's worth a shot.