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Bun Mi - Stadium Village [MSP]

I was driving through Dinkytown/Stadium Village yesterday and passed what appeared to be a very tiny sandwich shop with an orange awning with "Bun Mi" scrawled above a drawing of a sandwich.

I presume this will be a Bánh mì sandwich shop (if it isn't, there will be hell to pay). Does anyone know the lowdow!?

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  1. Oooh! Sounds very interesting. But is it possible that "bun mi" could be a noodle soup? I've seen a "bun mi something" in the soup section of a few menus.

    In any case, I'd love to get more info on where you saw this awning - Dinkytown or Stadium Village? My daily walk often takes me near Stadium Village, so I could scope it out. But I rarely get as far as Dinkytown.

    In the meantime, Jasmine Orchid (related to Uptown's Jasmine Deli) has nice Banh Mi sandwiches. They're in Stadium Village at Oak Street & Washington Ave.


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      I always wondered if that Jasmine Orchid was related to Jasmine's Deli... Thanks for that!

      I don't know what bun mi means, so I'm curious to learn more about this place, but I thought bun were the rice vermicelli noodles...


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        Stadium Village just west of Oak on Washington near Big 10. The drawing of the baguetted sandwich leads me to the believe it is a play on words rather than a noodle spot (it would also seem bad business to open another noodle place in Stadium Village, what are there like 4 within 2 blocks over there?)

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          Yep, it's near the hospital and Big 10.
          Here is their website-- I work right near there and can't wait to try it!

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            Ooohh! It is all about sandwiches. Neat!


      2. Wow, sounds like that's definitely worth a trip over from West Bank. I do hope there's enough business along Washington for two Vietnamese restaurants. I spoke with the owner of Jasmine Orchid a few months ago and she said they're having a hard time at that location because few people realize it's the same as Jasmine Deli.

        1. Early Feb update: I drove by Bun Mi yesterday, and the window is still covered with an "Coming Soon" sign. So they're not yet open for business.

          The web site says it'll open in March, just a tiny delay from their planned Feb start. By the way, their web site is great - it's a pleasure to see such a clear, useful, and beautiful site (and it makes me SO hungry for their sandwiches!)

          If anyone notices when they've actually opened, please give a bump to this thread...


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            Walked past today-- the paper is down from the windows, but it doesn't look too close to opening. It seemed like they were still moving in the kitchen equipment.

          2. Bun Mi opened this weekend, according to Heavy Table: http://heavytable.com/bun-mi-sandwich...

            But their web site is completely missing any info on hours or days they're open. And their Contact form doesn't work. Worse, the phone number doesn't answer - there's no info in the generic message (just "this number is not available"). Clearly, it's early days for this place...

            The Heavy Table review says they're open daily from 9am-10pm, but can anyone confirm that they're *really* open? And what their actual hours might be?


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              Got a call back from Bun Mi - they're open daily, from about 11am - 8pm "or so". The nice Bun Mi man says they've been packed every day at lunchtime, with lines out the door, which is why they weren't answering the phone earlier. (He recommends visiting during the mid-afternoon or evening for a calm experience.) I plan to stop by tonight or tomorrow!


            2. I stopped by Bun Mi yesterday for lunch (figuring I needed a bit of a treat for working on a Saturday...). I tried the curry mock duck bahn mi. Overall, I would give it a thumbs up. The bread was warm, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. There was a good mix of vegetables and the mock duck was nice and tender. However, it could have used a bit less mayo and a bit more curry flavor.

              I think the sandwich as a whole was about on par with the Jasmine Orchid. I liked the bread a bit better at Bun Mi, but I like the filling a tiny bit more at the Jasmine Orchid. The other thing to consider is that Bun Mi is a bit more expensive than the Jasmine Orchid (my sandwich was $5.25 - worth it if you are comparing to a number of other places to get sandwiches, but not the deal that the bahn mi are at the Jasmine Orchid where I think they are all less than $4), but that Bun Mi is better set up for walk in/carry out orders with an obvious ordering counter and a bit faster prep.

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                I went to Bun Mi last Monday for lunch and got the fresh spring rolls and the Bun Mi special sandwich. Overall both were okay, but I much prefer Jasmine Orchid's version of both. The spring rolls were pretty typical, but the dipping sauce was way too thin so you ended up with hardly any flavor on your spring rolls. The sandwich had a nice assortment of fillings, the pate was especially exciting, but I agree with Laura that the mayo flavor was overwhelming. I also thought the veggies were too bland and a much stronger pickled flavor would have contrasted with the meat and mayo much better.

                I waited probably 5 minutes for my sandwich, which is equivalent to the time I've waited at Jasmine Orchid for a custom made to go sandwich. My total meal (spring rolls, sandwich, soda) came to a little over $10 which is fair for the amount of food I got, but is a little more than I like to spend for a quick lunch on a regular basis.

              2. I've been to Bun Mi twice so far. I would have posted earlier, but my computer was down. :-(

                First time, I had the Curry Mock Duck sandwich and some honeydew bubble tea. The curry flavor was good - zippy but not spicy-hot. The sandwich was packed with big chunks of green pepper; nice if you like the stuff, but I don't so I picked it out. There were also big pieces of lightly sauteed white onion, plus big "sticks" of carrot and that white stuff (daikon radish?). I prefer smaller/shredded veggies, because they're easier to eat, but these weren't bad. All in all, I liked the sandwich but didn't love it. If I was a vegetarian, though, I would love having more than one veggie choice on the menu! (The other has fried tofu.)

                Second time, I had the Bun Mi special sandwich - pork with special eggs (spiced scrambled eggs). Yum! I'll definitely be back for this one. The pork was more steamed than grilled, but the eggs elevated this sandwich to something special. I love eggs in a sandwich!

                I also had a taste of my husband's beef-and-pork combo. This was nice, too, but didn't wow me. And it had a bit too much mayo (unlike mine). My hubs didn't complain, though.

                The bread rolls are bigger than at Jasmine and other "trad" banh mi places, but the prices are higher, so it kinda evens out. Service was quick and cheery (there were no lines in the afternoon). The place is cute and very tiny - I can see why they have lines out the door for lunch when the U is in session.

                I'd like to return and try one of the "traditional" sandwiches, like the lemongrass chicken or the classic pork-and-pate filling.

                But I can already say that I like Bun Mi a lot. I think Jasmine or Saigon do traditional banh mi a bit better - they have that lovely caramelized char on their grilled pork or chicken. But for non-traditional fillings (pork and eggs!) and a quick campus meal, Bun Mi is a winner!


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                  I tried the Bun Mi special with pork and eggs tonight for dinner. I agree with you - it was fantastic.

                2. I stopped by this sandwich shop a few weeks ago. i thought the sandwich was good, but I don't think it was better than the other vietnamese restaurant who makes the traditional sandwich. it was kind of costly for a sandwich that size because I could go to other places and only pay $2.50 for a sandwich instead of $5. it would be of a better value if it was a sanwich with side and a drink for $5.99.
                  Not sure when I will go there again because paying $5 for a sandwich and having to deal with parking is not a great deal!

                  1. My hubby works at the U and has been here several times. He loves it... for being at the U (where the Vietnamese restaurants are not so good, and there are limited non-chain options in general for decent food). On the other hand, we live 6 blocks from the Vietnamese mecca of University Avenue, and he reports it can in no way hold a candle to Saigan (but, really, what can?). So I'd say if you're already in the neighborhood or work/study at the U, go for it. It's good stuff. If you're looking for the best authentic Bunh Mi around, though, stick with your favorite Vietnamese place.

                    1. I tried the lemongrass chicken and thought it was good, but I don't remember tasting a lot of lemongrass in it. I liked the crispy veggies and fresh sliced jalapeno. Had a lychee bubble tea and thought it was way to sweet/syrupy. I like tea garden and Jasmine Orchids better....