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Dec 23, 2008 06:41 AM

authentic Mexican in Birmingham, AL

doesanybody know an authentic (e.g. NOT Tex Mex) Mexican resto in Birmingam, AL? Gadsden and surroundings would be OK as well



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  1. You're in luck in the 'Ham. We're got probably a couple dozen authentic taquerias that have carnitas, tongue, cabeza, chicharron and other fillings.

    Probably the best place to go right now is Taqueria Mexico on Lorna Road in Hoover (3724 Lorna Road, in a plaza catty corner to the Best Buy. They do the aforementioned real tacos (tortillas made in house) as well as tortas. But they also do entrees such as cabrito and quail as well as some seafood dishes.

    Another great choice is Taqueria Mi Casita in Homewood in the Palaisades (sp?) shopping center. Best selection of taco and torta fillings in town, along with other good food.

    Best tacos in town are at Gordo's on 433 Valley Avenue. It's a market/panderia/tortilleria/carniceria with a taqueria. The restaurant portion is as basic as it gets. But the tacos all are righteous. No tortas, but they do some other Mexican antojitos.

    1. Superior Grill on Hwy 280 East is my favorite.

      1. thanks Both. 'Superior grill' doesn't sound very Mexican. tell me more about this place?

        Will probably seek out the Hoover suggestion.


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          Superior Grill will fit your definition of Tex Mex. Try the taqueria.

          1. re: Big Daddy

            thanks Big Daddy. i suspected as much. I hate it when people don't bother to read your question- doesn't provide for very useful answers...

            1. re: MTL

              I'll second Big Daddy's recs of Taqueria Mexico and Gordo's. Be prepared to be stared at if you eat at Gordo's during a busy time (it seems to always be busy). Nothing threatening, just a bunch of "you look out of place" stares. On second thought, they are probably staring at my wife.

              I'll also make a suggestion - on the weekends go to either El Mercado location (Homewood or Hoover) and buy a pound of carnitas, some tortillas, lime, onion, and cilantro. Bring it all home and have it for dinner - if you can make it last that long. While you're there, buy some tamales and get some of their delicious nopalitos, as well.

              1. re: G200

                Yes, El Mercado definitely is a good weekend stop to stock up for home. I like their tamales, and the pork and tomatillo sauce also is good.
                Gordo's also sells carnitas on weekends to go, and make their own tortillas. The fixings are available in the attached market.

        2. The original comment has been removed