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Dec 23, 2008 06:40 AM

Buenos Aires - Street Vendors with bits and pieces

Any suggstions as to where to go for the best street vendorish type food, a la where Tony Bourdain would go if he was shooting No Reservations? Looking for places that offer the most authentic bits and pieces of livestock. Thanks.

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  1. Hi there. I am from Buenos Aires myself and I have to say that the culture of street vendors (food-wise) is not particularly strong in BA. However, when it comes to meat there are some genuine places I would defintely recommend. If you head to the Costanera (the riverside promenade by the River Plate, behind Puerto Madero and way, way better) you will see some carts (called in Spanish: 'carritos') selling choripanes (chorizo sandwiches), milanesas and other similar stuff. Also, I would highly recommend that you head to Feria de Mataderos on a Sunday: it is a craft and food market in the area of Mataderos (meaning: slaughter houses) where you will find musical folk shows, dancing and some street parrillas which are really good and great value. You'll also find some vendors in Feria de Recoleta (Saturdays and Sundays by the Iglesia del Pilar on Avenida del Libertador and Avenida Pueyrredón). They sell churros, empanadas and other sweet and savoury bites. Hope this helps!

    1. I lived in Argentina for a year, and frequently visited BsAs. I never ate any street food there without getting sick or finding hair (and not a little bit of hair) in it...even at places where lots of portenos were lining up to eat.
      I also love No Reservations and street, I'm not saying don't try it...just be observant and pack some pepto.

      1. It's just not a "street food" city. Locals don't really believe in eating standing up, we take time to sit down and have a meal. There are certainly a few hotdog stands around, and as Paula suggested, there are the two boardwalks - the Costanera Sur behind Puerto Madero that has open air grills, and the Costanera Norte out by the domestic airport along the river that has much the same. I've eaten at a good number of them and never gotten sick, nor found them to be particularly unclean, especially for outdoor type places. But, again, street food just isn't really part of the local culture (and, by the way, that Bourdain piece was a complete setup - the place he was filmed in eating at a street stand is in a neighborhood that had he not had a federal police escort, just out of sight of the cameras and keeping people away from them neither he nor his camera crew would have lasted five minutes).

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          Dan, great input on Burdain, thanks!

          On another vein (I'm risking accusations of thread hijacking...): I heard some chefs in BA using regular ( as opposed to: edible ) flowers in their menus. Any truth about it? Fact of the matter is, regular flowers carry tons of pesticides. Serving those as food would be irresponsible, to say the least.