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Dec 23, 2008 06:36 AM

ISO Demi Glace

Gotta find some for Christmas, or else everything gets cold while I simmer the sauce down. No luck at WF in Arlington. Anyone know where I can find some in DC or NoVA?

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  1. None at Whole Foods? I've seen it there before - but it's definitely hard to find.

    Do you have a Bertucci's near you? I would try there. Also, speak up and ask someone who works there. Sometimes they find bizarre places to stock things.

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      The staff at WF was very helpful in finding me pancetta and various other things I needed, but they said they don't stock demi glace. Maybe it's just that one location - perhaps I'll call some of the others.


      Hurry, you may be able to get it by tomorrow

      1. I also buy it at Williams Sonoma in White Flint. There must be one in NoVA as well.

        1. Wegman's has it in stock.