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Dec 23, 2008 06:03 AM

dinner near bronx zoo or botanical gardens

any good ethnic eats besides the usual italian arthur ave perhaps a hole in the wall mexican dive or some great Jamaican? anything else.. thanks

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  1. mo gridder's opened a bbq place off of arthur ave. I haven't been, but it's been on my list to try.

    1. Vietnamese Seafood Taste at 193rd and Jerome. You need to drive from the Garden. Best Vietnamese in the City.

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      1. re: BMartin

        thanks to both of u got rained out willgo another day
        Bmartin re vietnamese seafood is it also near any public transpprtation sounds like it is worth a trip for itself .what dishes do u like

        1. re: saminyc

          it is right underneath the kingsbridge 4 stop and it is called world of taste seafood.

          1. re: bosun

            There have been chowhound postings on the Vietnamese place as well as articles generally on the web. I think their pho is very very good, as well as their sandwiches.