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Dec 23, 2008 05:36 AM

El Meson's lunch buffet....or other suggestions? [Minneapolis]

We're taking family out to lunch tomorrow. They are BIG eaters, so we were thinking some type of buffet-style lunch.

El Meson looked fun, since it would be a little different. But, it looks like El Meson's lunch buffet had a mixed review from Dara a few months back. Has anybody been there recently?

Does anybody have any other suggestions for a lunch buffet in the Minneapolis area?

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  1. According to the Pioneer Press, It sounds like Chez Colette in the Sofitel in Bloomington is doing a buffet on Christmas Day. I don't know if they are doing one on Christmas Eve, too. I suppose you could investigate further to see if this meets your requirements. I can't vouch for it myself.

    There's always the Fogo de Chao all you can eat! I assume that's for lunch, too. You could check and see if they are open tomorrow. It's a chain...I've not been there.


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      Fogo de Chao is awsome for lunch. It's the same menu as dinner, but much less expensive.

    2. How about Fogo de Chao?