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Dec 23, 2008 05:06 AM

Help!!Sushi in London!

Asakusa, MY sushi place, is closed for a few days and I need an alternative!
I need another place to take some friends. I love the fact that Asakusa is a REAL Japanese place, but still VERY cheap and with amazing qualities and a great menu (Their takoyakes are amazing!).
Any similar alternative, in terms of food and price?

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  1. Agreed, Asakusa is great.. Need to try the Takoyaki there though, i've never had it.

    On a similar tip is Eat Tokyo in Golder's Green. maybe not quite as good as Asakusa, but still pretty decent homestyle fayre and sushi. And it's cheap. There's also a branch in Romilly St Soho, but the Golders Green one is better I think.

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      I don't really like the takoyaki at Asakusa much. I think the one from the stall in Brick Lane is marginally better but neither are great. I love Asakusa though, been there at least ten times and I've only tried a tiny bit of the menu.

    2. Thanks! I'll give Eat Tokyo a try....I can't believe Asakusa is closed from the 24th till the 1st!
      Anyway, Yes Asakusa is the best, only problem is I always wanna try new things and I still end up ordering the sames ones all the times---I like them too much!

      Any other tip is more than welcome!
      P.s. Takoyakies are hard to find...harder to forget! I think the Asakusa ones are great, though!

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        Out of interest, what do you usually order at Asakusa? They seem to do most things well. Was tempted to try the gyu-tataki last time (seared beef) but veered towards the scallop sashimi instead, which was great value and v. nice.