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Dec 23, 2008 04:56 AM

Where to buy Claxton Fruitcake?

Anyone have any idea? I need it before Christmas. And it does have to be Claxton, according to the giftee.

I can travel just about anywhere in the western and northern burbs of Boston out to Worcester.


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  1. I have seen them around Rehoboth. I will have to get back with you later. I shop at Safeway, Harris Teeter, Giant and Food Lion so it could be any of those...I just cannot remember which one.

      1. re: Lewes17266

        Do tell the significance of this cake and is it wonderful?

        1. re: phelana

          Phelana, it's a very Southern thing. Claxton, Georgia is in the southern part of the state and were a local bakery. Their fruitcake became a staple in southern homes over Christmas starting in the 60s; everyone I knew had one at Christmas. I'm from the South myself and never much cared for them (very VERY sweet) but my husband suddenly decided he wanted one. They can be ordered online ( but they can't deliver now before Christmas.

          My grandmother used to melt butter in a skillet and toast slices, then serve them. The adults drank black coffee and the kids drank milk. The cake is heavy, rich and to my mind, practically indigestible, but it's a Southern icon, like grits and Waffle House.

          Lewes, thanks for the tip.

          1. re: Valyn

            Lewes, there aren't Food Lion stores up here. Closest one, according to their web site, is in Pennsylvania.

            1. re: Valyn

              Valyn, I smiled as I read your reply to phelana. Those candied fruit rectangles are very symbolic of my childhood Christmases in South Carolina. My grandmother sliced them into tiny squares and sifted powdered sugar over them, then served them on a big platter with cookies and divinity and nuts. She never fooled anyone though and her platters would be all eaten up except for the Claxton Fruit Cake in disguise.

              I think Claxton Fruit Cake will be around forever! They are excellent as Gift Swap duds at parties! It is such fun to see everybody trying to unload them on some poor soul.

              I hope you can find one for your husband. I am still tempted when I see them and have given in over the years, only to have a taste and throw most of it out!

              Oh and about the grits, I still love them. It is all about what you add to them, just like rice or potatoes or pasta, grits are a vehicle for whatever you love. Somehow I have never been to a Waffle House though.

              Good luck and Merry Christmas.

        2. I think I saw it a Walmart the other day.

          1. I'm in CT, but they sell them at our local Stop and Shop.

            1. The original comment has been removed