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Dec 23, 2008 04:54 AM

Chicago style pizza?

After watching a bit on FN that featured Chicago style pizza, I started wondering if there was any really good Chicago Pizza place in Austin. I have done Mangia (several years ago), and it did not hit me as being "outstanding"- and did not trigger memories of the great places I have hit in Illinois.

Any other suggestions? Should I try Mangia again?

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  1. Try BJ's brewpub in Sunset Valley .

    1. I'm new to the area but tried Mangia a couple of months ago and didn't find it all that great compared to real Chicago deep-dish.

      1. If you really want real Chicago pizza, here's what you do... go to Lou Malnati's Taste of Chicago website, http://www.tastesofchicago.com/catego... and order some pizza. It costs around $80 for 4 pizzas delivered, which is about the same price as a delivered pizza but its the real deal. Each pizza weighs 3 ponds so its not skimpy at all. My husband is from Chicago and this is the only pizza he'll eat in Austin.

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          You got that right! I'm not a big fan of Mangia, but my husband loves it. We've ordered from Tastes of Chicago before and there's nothing like the real deal.