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Dec 23, 2008 04:06 AM

Help me rescue amazing but stuck-on fudge!

Helped not too much by the sangria at my friend's going-away party, I made maple walnut fudge last night. The fudge itself tastes incredible (Union Square grade B maple syrup), but I poured it into a pan I buttered and floured, instead of having lined with tinfoil. It absolutely won't come out in neat chunks. Since it's part of a Christmas present, I was hopng the good folks on the boards could help me figure out a solution that would make the fudge look 'presentable.'
Here were my ideas:
1) Heating up the bottom of the pan and hoping the fudge will just slide out if I turn it upside down
2) Heating up the fudge, scraping it out, and then rolling it into balls
3) The above, and then dipping the balls in bittersweet chocolate and toasted ground walnuts.

Has anyone had a similar experience? Any advice?

Thanks so much in advance! I've been so excited to give my Dad his favorite recipes (home-cured bacon and anything walnut), and want this to turn out delicious!

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  1. I would heat the bottom of the pan. I use my blowtorch for this, but don't overdo it. Actually, when I worked in a pastry kitchen, heating the pan with a blowtorch was how we got our flans and tarts out of the pans too.