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Dec 23, 2008 03:44 AM

Trip to Fukuoka

I just got back from a weekend trip to Fukuoka with the Mrs. Gotta report back on the food. First night, we got a recommendaton from a coworker of my wifes that lives in Fukuoka. We also read about it in the tour guides so that made me skeptical. It was a seafood restaurant called Iso Gai in Tenjin. The best and freshest seafood I have ever tasted in my life. We had grilled conch on the shell, sashimi plate, Lobster Sashimi that i saw them butcher and the lobster was still moving on our plate, Giant ebi that were grilled to perfection, Satsuma age that was so light and fluffy. Definitely sit at the counter. One cook was really nice and comped us a simmered shitake dish. All that food and 3 drinks each only came out to 13000¥
During the day, i roamed around the city and ended up in Ramen Stadium in canal city. it was really gimmicky, and we had a famous bowl of tonkotsu ramen...too oily and not the best ramen i have had in japan. That night, upon many CH recommendations, we went to the Hidden place restaurant (kakureya hisaoka) and it was very good, but not mind blowing..good shochu and the ankimo was the best we had ever had and we ordered the Fugu Shirako that was the best....but the good thing was that they had asked us to wait about a half hour and we didn't get seats at the counter but sat upstairs which we didn't mind, but upon leaving, the chef maybe owner chased us outside with a bottle of house Ponzu that he had wanted to give us and apologized for our wait and not sitting at the counter with him. That was a very nice touch, and totally unwarranted. That meal was around 14000¥
My wife had the rest of the weekend off and we were walking around the city and came across this donut shop (Canezees Doughnut factory in Hakata), looked cool so we got a couple of donuts. not hot and fluffy but really really tasty. We ended up on the street facing the eeny meeny miny mo mall. there we ate at a famous unagi don restaurant. (yoshi zuka unagi-ya) its really famous and really good but my wife says nodaiwa in Tokyo is better and it was pretty pricey for lunch. two medium unagi a la cartes came out to 6800¥. That night we went to the famous Yatai. we went to the one in nagahama. we strolled around pretty early and just randomly picked on in the middle of the did we pick the right one. Apparently we picked the guy who does the famous ramen tossing. They were still setting up and he was very hospitable in letting us sit down. We ordered oden, first time i had tama negi oden, Umai....grilled squid, tempura, mentaiko tamago, cheesy fry that was good, chicken wing that was great, and a lot of awesome soba started picking up as the night progressed, and he was the best host...smoking and drinking and prepping and cooking...along with us. the finale was the ramen show....4 kids from kagoshima sat next to us and was pretty cool and rowdy...we all ordered ramen. he showed us how he would mix the stock in the bowls and then he tossed the ramen around, up and down, towards us in our face and then he tossed it over his back and caught it the finale he told me to go outside the stall with a net and he tossed it to me outside....thankfully I caught it. It was a really really good bowl of tonkotsu ramen besides all the Hooplah....It was pretty pricey though for street food, came out to 14000¥ also...but I would rank Iso Gai as the best meal all around...but for the entertainment value and to say that I had been there was well worth it.
So all in all, this weekend was a great culinary experience......Thanks to the Mrs..

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  1. cool...glad you had fun in Fukuoka (my fav city in Japan)

    -- while i'm slightly disappointed that Kakure Daidokoro Hisa Okaya was good but less than mindblowing, i'm glad you enjoyed it...didn't even know there was an upstairs seating about the free ponzu...

    -- re: Nagahama yatai, i'm not sure which one you went to...Aki-Chan's is the most famous and, at least in the past, the only one in that area that does tempura...but while his ramen is lauded, i don't remember any tossing...Aki's place is rather big compared to the others and is on the right side (if you are walking towards the water), and closer to the end than the middle of the block (but perhaps that's relative: you could call it the middle)...the mentaiko tempura is my fav thing there...

    -- i'll have to try Iso Gai next time i am there...i ate widely in Tenjin when i was there and it's possible i ate there and didn't note the name...

    -- when you go back, try to hit Yanagawa-ya for hitsumabushi -- some of the best unagi i've ever had, and a very old and cute's a tiny place on the east side of Nakasu

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      Yeah in general it was a great eating experience.....
      The yatai we ate at was on the right side heading towards the water...and close to the end of the block....he said his corporation owned about 4 stalls on that street cuz we kept seeing people bringing food and taking food....i got a picture with him....