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Dec 23, 2008 02:47 AM

Indulge Burgers and More -Scottsdale

I just heard about this place on the yelp website so we went this past Sat. night early - around 5:30. Hubby had the sliders and I built my own. There are several set entree burgers as well as the build your own option which means choice of meat/protein, bun, cheese, lettuces, tomatoes, sauces, etc. Building your own means you fill out a form, much like a sushi restaurant. Their fried dill pickles are heaven and the french fries are really good served in a large paper cone. There is a full bar ,the place has a modern feel with a cross between a fast food place and a nice tavern. The meat is cooked to order including even rare. I had the brioche bun which was wonderful. Next time out I'm having the Vesuvius Burger stuffed with molten cheese!

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    1. Went here tonight and was excited about having a great new burger place in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be back unless it's for take-out. I went with my parents and sister and when we walked in, it was clear that none of the staff knew who was in charge of what. Everyone there seems to share jobs, which seems fine in theory. But the problem occurs when people don't get taken care of because everyone assumes that other staff are doing their jobs. We had 5 different people taking care of us, yet somehow we felt completely ignored for most of the evening.

      The food wasn't bad, but it wasn't fantastic, either. I had the veggie burger, which was pretty tasty, but tasted more like Mexican food than American (not in a bad way, just wasn't anticipating it). Definitely didn't go well with the bbq sauce I had on the side! Other things ordered were cheeseburgers, one with cheddar and one with bleu, and a hamburger. The wheat buns were great, and I didn't try the brioche buns but I heard they were good. The chili my mom ordered on the side she claimed was inedible (and she eats anything), and most of the sauces just tasted off. All of the burgers were "pretty good" according to my family, but not as good as Delux, which we like a lot but is a lengthy drive away.

      The sweet potato fries (listed on the menu as chips...maybe they decided to substitute fries?) were sweet, with cinnamon dusting, which definitely wasn't expected. The onion strings were served with a ranch that also tasted kind of funny, but I can't figure out what made it taste that way. The onion strings themselves weren't bad.

      The part that offended my taste buds the most was the water. I always order tap water when I'm at a restaurant, but the water here tasted almost metallic. I ended up ordering a soda halfway through the meal since I literally couldn't drink the water (I know, it's made with the same water) and thankfully, because the servers were all over the place, I didn't get charged for it (they charge I think $2.50 for sodas!).

      It was hard knowing who our actual server was, so to ask for anything was a hassle, since no one would acknowledge us as we looked around helplessly (it's a pretty small place). The bartender was helping us a lot of the time, but made us feel like he was doing us a HUGE favor by paying any attention to us. We wanted dessert, but the second we were finished with our food the check was on the table. We were one of the only tables in the place at the time, and it was well before closing time. It was like they wanted us out asap, and it felt rude. We contemplated trying to order dessert, and spent a few minutes looking around the restaurant for anyone resembling one of our servers. Still, no one would acknowledge us so we decided to just pay. It must have taken 10 minutes for someone to take our credit card, which was weird since they seemed so eager to drop off the check. Finally, I gave in and just out of my chair to hand the card to someone near the register and the bartender came back immediately to take the card.

      The bartender was considerably older than the other employees, so maybe he's some type of manager or the owner (but I sure hope he's not based on the way he treats customers!). On our way out, though there were several employees standing around, not one of them said goodbye or thanks for coming or anything along those lines. I had eaten at Oregano's the night before so maybe I'm just used to the way they train EVERY single employee to say goodbye to guests, but it sort of seemed like they couldn't wait to get rid of customers so they could stop having to do work. The food was decent for the most part, but because of the water (I know it shouldn't be that big of an issue but for a camel like me it is!) and the rude service, I just have no reason to return to eat-in.

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        A group of six of us went for lunch on Saturday and service was fine. The place was nearly packed, but our waitress kept our drinks filled or made sure they were filled. We didn't have the group wait staff issue that you experienced. We had different folks bringing out our sides (we had four or five different sides) and our meals, but we always knew who the primary was for our table. We all really enjoyed our food. Some of the burgers were a little past the doneness requested, but mine was fine. We loved most of the sides as well. They even gave us three samples of the garlic and parmesan chips while we figured out our orders. Most of us had sodas or iced tea, but I think one had water and didn't have any complaints about it.

      2. Fried bologna sandwich for $12??? Wow.

        That's more than either size of their regular burgers!