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Dec 23, 2008 12:24 AM

Going out for drinks in Sacramento

Hi there...

Used to live in Sacramento a long time ago. Am in town for the holidays with a sister and brother-in-law who now live in Europe. We all want to go out and get drinks, but aren't really sure where the great night life spots are in Sac anymore.

It'd be nice to be able to go to a place where we can hear ourselves speak. But it would be nice to have a place with some personality and good people watching as well.


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  1. Short answer is, there is no "great night life" spots in Sac. But you may want to try the midtown area around 15th to 25th and between H and K Streets. Depending on what you are looking for, from dive bars to hotel bars. There are a couple of new "boutique" type hotels in town. Their bars may be what you are looking for.

    1. Sticking to Midtown:

      Tapa The World. Great Sangria and wines and a couple of great CA beers on tap. loud. Small plates menu, nice area to watch people.


      Brew It Up. Great house made brews, full bar, good food. Good people watching spot.

      Rubicon Brewing CO. Funky brew pub. Great beers, lots of regulars. best 10 dollar meals in midtown.

      Pyramid Brewing; Yuppie brew pub. Decent beers, Lots of visitors.

      River City brewing (in the Mall). Good beers, Good food too. But in a mall that has not much traffic.

      Others: The Torch Club. live music 7 nights a week. Blues. decent pricing on beers and cocktails.

      Fanny Ann's (old Sac). Before 8 PM kind of quiet. Good food, nice drinks. FUNKY as hell. On the upper floors you may even be able to get your own floor to yourselves.

      DRIVE A LITTLE: Old town Folsom (especially on the weekends) There are about 15 bars in and around Sutter Street. Some have live music, some are Karaoke bars and a couple have DJ's. FUNKY. For live music (Cover bands mostly) try the Powerhouse Pub and the Folsom Hotel. (the Hotel is the old west style of bar). There are also a couple of wine bars ther too.

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        If you're after a fancy cocktail, they do good ones at the bar at the newish Randall Selland restaurant Ella (12th and K downtown)--housemade tonic for the G&T, that kind of thing. The new bar at Grange, in the Citizen Hotel (10th and J) is also nice and very attractive. Down the block at 10th and K, Cosmo Cafe has good cocktails (variations on the fresh juice in a martini glass theme, but not sticky sweet for the most part), and for later-night going-out, there's a nightclub, Social, upstairs. At 20th and K in Midtown, Lounge on 20 has lots of bubblies and cocktails--that's a fairly fancy environment. Those are all fairly new and high-end, but should be fun for people-watching and they all have very attractive design.