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Dec 23, 2008 12:18 AM

reds beer

so when i was in russia 3 years ago, i got hooked on a certain beer called reds beer (i's been a while). yet, i haven't been able to find it ANYWHERE. not online. nothing. i was able to find one blurry picture of it, but i'm not even sure if it was the beer i'm looking for. it was a very sweet beer a.k.a. girly beer. that's pretty much the only thing i remember about it. anyone know what beer i'm talking about or where to find it? please help.

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  1. Could it have been a Radler or shandy style beer, sweetened with fruit juice?

    If so, something similar might be easy to find.

    1. how 'bout this?
      (sounds awful, IMHO)
      not much info here but does give name of brewer (SAB MIller subsid


      more here

      also something similar in Poland:
      and Tanzania, and Colombia, and South Africa

      none of these appear to be imported to USA

      1. I was the same way with that beer. I was hooked on the raspberry flavoured one three years ago as well. I brought caps home with me so that I could find it at home but, no such luck. I do remember that it is actually a polish beer and its spelled Redd's. I found a website for you where you can order them one by one or by a case (20)! -Exciting!

        And you should scroll down a little to find that there is an apple flavour and raspberry flavour. You can add a case to your trolly and have a case at your place in no time Im sure. Have fun!

        1. Redds Red (Raspberry)
          (Reference - PLRDR101)

          Tasting Notes:

          Country: Poland
          Type: Fruit Beer
          ABV: 4.5%
          Bottle Size: 500ml
          Case Size: 20

          Bottle Price: £1.75

          Case Price: £33.95
          (Includes case discount)

          Select Unit: