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pizza in philly

is there any good and affordable pizza in philly? i'm from new york, so my standards are pretty high. but philly has such great restaurants, i just can't believe that there really is no place to find quality pizza. delivery is a must.

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  1. Dolce Carinii on 20th and Chestnut does great pizza, large is a true large, I recommend getting it with garlic. But for the true ultimate uber-pizza experience, you must go to Taconelli's (no delivery). You need to make reservations and reserve the number of balls of dough you'll be needing (they only make what they need). It is fantastic. Thank you.

    1. There's tons of threads about this, but here's the tops for me. In what neighborhood are you?

      SLiCE (10th & Federal)
      Dolce Carini
      Marra's (ask for it well done)
      Napoli's (awesome thin square pie)

      Tacconelli's is also outstanding, but the whole reserving the dough thing can be a pain. There is a second Tacconelli's in Moorestown, NJ (not affiliated, but it's in the family) which is just as good and you don't need to reserve dough.

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        eek - i just went to the NJ tacconnelli's to compare... and it is not a good pizza in any way shape or form! crust sogged through before we were done eating... sauce was way too sweet... cheese had no flavor... toppings were of cheap quality. stick with the tacconnelli's in port richmond if you're going to do tacconnelli's at all.

      2. I love Tacconelli's and Slice but neither are cheap. Slice delivers.

        1. Can we just all agree that a New Yorker is just not going to be satisfied with pizza in Philly??? And that does not mean that pizza in Philly is bad, it just means that it is DIFFERENT.

          I like to think that pizza in Philly falls somewhere between New York style and Chicago deep dish. You won't find the cracker thin crust like you have in New York and it is not as thick as Chicago. Philly pizza has a crust that is more bread-like (to me).

          So that's my take. And I don't think it's a question of adjusting your standards. It's more of a "that's just how it is".

          1. You will probably be happiest with Lazzaro's on South Street, the pizza most like New York's in Center City, big-big slices, sweet taste; or Milano's on 9th Street and Walnut, which is very like the run-of-the-mill Midtown pizza joints, good Sicilian, lots of choices.

            Dolce's is salty, decent crust, okay toppings, pricey.

            However, there is a new place called Mix, at 21st and Chestnut, very thin crust, roasted garlic tucked away in the rim, very tasty, herbs, good flavors, reasonable price, also a full menu and a bar.

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              i really dug mix and am happy that you've just confirmed it wasn't just a mirage on my part! has anyone else been?

              i just went to marra's about a week ago and wish the sauce wasn't as sweet, or that the pizza tasted as decadent as it looked.

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                Are there any good places near the Philadelphia Automall? My husband works there and I was hoping for some good pizza that he could bring home. However he usually leaves work before Tacconnelli's opens, so that's out. We tried Celebre's and neither of us were a fan of that one. Any other suggestions. Thanks.

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                  I love Mix's pizza as well. Great thin crust.

              2. I'm quite partial to Angelino's on 24th and Parrish. The crust is garlicky and the cheese is robust.

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                  love Angelino's. Just finished a slice of meatball. The crust is thicker than NY style, but I haven't found a sauce, cheese, crust, or meatball I like better. in Philly at least.

                2. Are you interested in getting something more true to Philly than NYC and going for a tomato pie? If so, I've had success with Marchiano's in Manayunk on Umbria St. near Leverington as well as Tony A's (multiple locations) and Carlino's in Ardmore.

                  1. Let me just say that Tacconelli's is 100% as good pound for pound as Una Pizza, Grimaldi's, etc. in NY. I say pound for pound because they are indeed a little different, but for pizza satisfaction it's as good. They don't deliver so it may not make the cut. If you want serious pizza though, go there. Philly has a bunch of sub par pizza outside of Tacconelli's pretty much. Slice just okay, Marra's blows, Dolce Carini is nothing more than any other pizza joint with garlic knots. Giannfranco on 3rd street is pretty damn acceptable and delivers. Osteria of course is eat in only, but ridiculous good and again as good as ANYTHING in NY. Tacconelli's ordering dough ahead is what it is, they make a certain amount of dough a day. That should be a refreshing sign to people that it is a real deal artisan place. Mix is actually not that bad either, good pretty thin crust that holds up well in the box. As far as getting such amazing pizza delivered anyway is kind of an oxymoron, because great Neapolitan or Roman pizza dough isn't going to hold up in a box.

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                      Tacconelli's is a joke. The crust is good but the toppings are bottom of the barrel quality. A white pie with garlic powder instead of fresh garlic? Please. And this is on a $20 pie. Doesn't hold a candle to any of the premier spots in NYC.

                      Philly pizza can be good once you find a good neighborhood spot, but has zero destination spots. Maybe Slice is worth a trip if you live in town. If you need to do a pizzeria when in from out of town, you will be best served getting a hot sandwich. Nearly every place makes a respectable cheesesteak, chicken cutlet, eggplant parm, etc.

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                        Slice if you order a clam pie is heaven. I personally like Marra's crust but do not like the sauce. Osteria, go for the Lombardo with cotechino sausage, thin crust and an egg on top. Fantastic.

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                          Tacconelli's being a "joke" is a joke. What's so bottom of the barrel about their toppings? What, because they don't get on a bike with a basket and wear clogs and ride to the local farmer's market and "hand pick" their toppings like every pizza place you think is better? Please...And so you know, and trust me this IS a fact, they don't use garlic powder it's actually chopped raw garlic that burns in the oven and then a lot of cafe ground black pepper. And a white pizza no toppings at Tacconelli's isn't $20 either.

                          Tacconelli's is indeed a destination spot just ask the kid from Una in NYC and Chris Bianco from Phoenix when they made Tacconelli's a destination to come research pizza before they opened their places.

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                            When was the last time you were there? When I went there was not fresh garlic on the white pie, the red sauce tasted like canned tomato paste, and the meats were Cisco quality. Like I said, the crust was good and the pies were well baked. I just wish they put as much care into the rest of it. And the reserving dough thing is just a gimmick, get real. I don't fault them for successful marketing but how is it that Grimaldi's, Pizza Regina, et al manage to make excellent pies without taking advance orders?

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                              I've been there recently, but I'm not a big topping person anyway. If I get one it will be one only, I don't like toppings challenging the crust on a good pizza. Like when I get a regular pizza I don't get any toppings. Their sausage though is awesome. They do use crappy mushrooms (canned) and that does bother the hell out of me. The reserving dough is just what they've done since the beginning, they make a certain amount a day and when it's done it's done. It's not really a gimmick. I personally love when a food place of any kind can get to the point where they basically say, yeah, we're here for the public of course, but we also do things our way. That's just the cost of doing business with them (buying a pizza) it is what it is. And that started a looooong time ago because that place was and still is very busy. Think of that neighborhood and surrounding hoods, it's pretty densely populated. They'd get crushed back in the day and with downtowners coming in for pizza too! That's just a tall order to make limitless dough. Really.

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                            Tacconelli's = #1
                            Franco & Luigi's = #2

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                            Order Dough ahead of time at Tacconelli's can be enoying but what is worse is that they won't even begin making your pizza till you get there. No execptions... Pizza Nazi's

                          4. I am boston and have yet to find good pizza in philly too. Nothing compares to Regina's in the north end. However, if you want to spend a bit more Osteria makes some great upscale pizza. Get the margherita w/ prosciutto mmmmm

                            1. I have to admit I lived 10 years in NYC and was never a fan of the pizza. I like the crust to be more bready and flavorful. I like Franco Luigi's in South Philly. They deliver in the area. Gianfranco's delivers in CC and uses decent ingredients and crust--their sandwich bread is good too.

                              However, if you like crackery crust with a few sparse and expensive toppings, you might like MAma Palma's. I think NYPS Pizza in CC East does the traditional NYC floppy, fold it in half to eat thing.

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                                Just had to shout out on hey, I think I know this username ;)

                                Back to topic - I haven't been to Mama Palma's in years (used to live around the corner, but since I moved, haven't been back much). Have they gotten really skimpy with the toppings? I never remember that being an issue before... but I guess I wasn't such a big fan of their pies either that I followed up much once they weren't just around the corner.

                              2. It's in the far Northeast, which can be a bit of a pain, but so help me I think the best pizza I've ever tasted is at Cafe Michaelangelo on Bustleton Avenue just south of Byberry Road. Go on a nice day or evening, and ask for a seat outside near the Bocci court. Get the pizza Margherita (thin but puffy crust, spicy sauce and wonderful cheese) and the antipasto (wonderful meats, they make a tuna for it from fresh tuna and they use veggies that they marinate themselves). Skip their desserts. Their pastas are okay, but not great. However, their pizzas and antipasto are to die for. They will deliver if you are near them, but you didn't mention what part of town you're in.

                                Sarah M.

                                1. La Fourno, on South between 6th and 7th. I think the smaller (10 inch?) pies have the best crust. My favorite is the Fior de Latte. They do deliver, but I don't know how far.

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                                    I stopped eating there when they stopped delivering to Old City. But they do make a fine pie

                                  2. As a Philadelphian who lived in the Big Apple for two years, I have to say I was won over by the thin, crackly crust variety. Having returned to the Big Scrapple, I long for the crunch. In fact, I think my search for same prompted my very first post when I became a Hound a few years ago. But the question is, for us in the western 'burbs, where can we find a crunchy pie? I'm jealous of all the CC bickering over who delivers the best when I have NO one who delivers out here on the frontier.

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                                      This place has crunchy thin crust.....Best eaten there....Skip the rest of the menu...I think happy hour on Fridays 3-6PM- they have 1/2 price apps....We usually get a nice antipasta (enough for 2-3) and A large tomatoe pie. Its really yummy!


                                    2. I tell you what, we have a pizza master right here in our office building at 20th & Market. Pagano's is located where the old Marathon used to be. They have a guy who specializes in pizza, and boy does he do a great job. Thin crust pies, with a huge variety of toppings -- he is always experimenting with something new. And he has perfected a whole wheat crust that is exceptional. I like Dolce Carini's pies, but they can't hold a candle to the ones this maesto puts out. It's available by the slice or by the whole pie. They will also make anything you want as a "personal size" pie.

                                      The down-side is that they are not open at night since they cater to a work-day crowd. I would love to figure out a way to take home a pie or two, but schlepping a couple of pizzas on the R5 is more than I could handle.

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                                        completely OT, but I lol'd at this. I was just on a business trip and saw a couple who devoted their carry on allotment (on a flight to Dallas) to Termini bakery boxes. Compared to that the R-5 is a breeze, eh?