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Dec 22, 2008 08:58 PM

BYOB in Pittsburgh

Last time I was in Pgh, it seemed as though it was lacking in good BYOBs--very few of them in fact, compared to Philly. Any suggestions for a decent BYOB this weekend? Looking for something similar to Alba's in Malvern. Not necessarily looking for anything too hip, for example the scene on Southside--if that's still considered hip. But of course if you know of a place there, please advise. Anywhere in greater Pittsburgh area is fine.

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  1. Legume in Regent Square. Great food, nice atmosphere, and small corkage fee.

    1. it's probably too late, but my favorite BYOB places are :

      Bona Terra (Sharpsburg) - I had incredible duck there. This is a higher priced restaurant, nice intimate setting.

      Piccolo Forno (lawrenceville) - nice atmosphere, great food, surprisingly very affordable italian food. We always get a pizza app, salad, 2 entrees and dessert and have never spent more than $50

      Cafe Zinho (shadyside)- I like it in the summer time, sitting outside.

      1. To those already listed, I'd add Vivo in Bellevue.

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          re: VivoHaven't been there, but it was highly recommended to us this weekend by friends. Going to try it Thursday.

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            Vivo is fantastic. Bellvue is a dry town so get your wine before heading to the restaurant.

        2. La Tavola on Mt. Washington is a good choice for BYOB. Very good food, not really expensive and close to the inclines, Station Square and the city.


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            I agree with La Tavola, but you might want to reconsider "close to the inclines."

          2. Check out for listings and reviews.