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Dec 22, 2008 08:54 PM


I have made 3 batches of marshmallows using recipes from the book Marshmallows - homemade gourmet treats. Each has turned out delicious! I started with the basic recipe which tasted pretty much like a standard marshmallow, but with a great smooth texture. Then I made the coconut mallow and covered it with toasted coconut. These are delicious and went into cello bags tied with ribbons to give to my daughter's teachers. Finally, I made a honey batch using using mesquite honey and covered them in a cinnamon mixture. these have a strong, pure honey taste and the cinnamon helps offset the sweetness a bit. delicious! They are so easy to make, I wish I had started making them sooner as gifts for everyone. You definitely need a stand mixer to make them, the mixture gets really thick as it cools, and you have to mix them for 12 minutes or so.

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  1. I made Amaretto marshmallows for my mom's birthday in November. I used almond extract and rolled them in toasted, ground almonds. Divine! Especially dipped in melted dark chocolate.

    How much honey did you use in your marshmallows? Did you add it to the basic recipe or replace some of the existing sweetener?

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      hey mamaciita! Actually, the honey replaced the marshmallow syrup (a simple syrup the book calls for) or I guess it would replace the corn syrup in other recipes. For the coconut flavor low-fat coconut milk replaces some of the water. it is used to bloom the gelatin, and also added in the last minute of whipping. An extra tablespoon of gelatin is also used, I'm guessing because of the extra liquid/fat from the coconut milk.

      Amaretto sounds yummy too! I have been looking at the Get Suckered website and dreaming of making violet-flavored marshmallows next...

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        Just for me, my next batch will be yet-to-be-determined spices. Probably ginger, definetly cardamom and cayenne. Chai?? I love sweet/spicy combos. Curry. . .? . . .

    2. I recently made orange marshmallows - a couple drops of food coloring gave them a very pale orange color that didn't give away how flavorful the marshmallows actually were. Like the amaretto ones mentioned above, they were great plain or with dark chocolate!

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        hmm, every year we make candied orange peels for my MIL for Christmas. I am envisioning orange marshmallows covered in dark chocolate with a sprinkle of chopped candied orange peel on top. :)

        Love the curry idea! vosges haut chocolate has a chocolate curry truffle. maybe a chocolate mallow with a bit of curry infused? Actually, the Vosges site in general could offer a lot of inspiration for marshmallow flavors.

        I have to admit, I'm wasn't even a big fan of marshmallows, but they are so easy to make, and it's so satisfying to have a yummy finished product in less than an hour (of course there's the 4-12 hour wait while they set up).

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          Wow, those sound lovely. Would you mind sharing the recipe?

          1. re: fallingup

            I just used this recipe:


            To make the orange marshmallows, all I did was leave out the matcha and instead, I added 1/2 teaspoon of orange extract and the food coloring to the boiling syrup, right before I mixed it with the gelatin. (I used a hand mixer and had no problems, by the way.


            You could adapt that recipe to use just about any flavor powder by just replacing the matcha (curry, chili pepper, all sorts of incredibly odd combos come to mind) or by using my way, just change out orange for any other flavor extract (coconut, lemon, mint, etc).

            The suggestion on the blog to roll the marshmallows in a combination of matcha and powdered sugar also suggests plenty of other flavor combos; e.g., roll mint marshmallows in a mixture of cocoa and powdered sugar... roll lemon marshmallows in a mixture of very finely ground dried rosemary (or just about any herb) and powdered sugar... etc.


        2. I made peppermint marshmallows with crushed candy canes on top and chocolate marshmallows dusted in cocoa powder.

          I am going to dip the remainders in chocolate as an addition to my new year's dessert table.

          Love the ideas on this post. I have wanted to make marshmallows for years and this year I just jumped in...

          Any other flavor ideas? how about a coffee flavored one? I wonder if you could use something like orange marmalade in place of some of the simple syrup? the addition of the bits of rind would make for an interesting textural surprise.

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          1. re: gardencub

            For coffee-flavored, I'd either follow some of the advice in this post:


            or I'd just buy coffee extract. I think you could do some good flavor pairings with it; chocolate/mocha is the most obvious, and just about anything they sell at Starbucks could lend itself well. E.g., I think a strong coffee-flavored marshmallow would be great topped with a thin layer of raspberry jam and then coated in chocolate.

            As for swapping marmalade in for the corn syrup, I don't know enough about marshmallow chemistry to offer an opinion. If it wouldn't work, I would think it'd be easy enough to add strips of zest into the regular recipe. (That said: I'm not sure chewy stuff in a marshmallow would be a textural surprise I'd personally care for, but of course that's a matter of opinion and not fact.)

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              The recipe I followed for orange flavor uses orange juice and orange juice concentrate to bloom the gelatin. They were intensely orange flavored and delicious. I ended up coating them in dark chocolate and sprinkling candied orange peel over the top. Very sweet, one was more than enough.

              Love the crushed candy cane idea! For coffee flavor, perhaps replace part of the water with a strong espresso?

              For the marmalade idea, I am thinking that you could add 1/8 cup or so of marmalade at the very end of whipping for flavor and texture. may have to play with the amount of gelatin if it doesn't set up perfectly the first time.

              1. re: cheetobrain

                I used both candy canes and some peppermint oil, the oil I added to the sugar syrup, not the water used to bloom the gelatine.

                I love the idea of the orange juice,,, also thinking some key lime juice might be great... key lime cooler marshmallows...